MHT CET: Exam Day Dos and Don’ts

Finally, it is the day of the exam. You are all nerves and busy with the last minute prep. Take a minute and give it a second thought. You don’t have to be neurotic at all, as long as you have prepared well for MHT CET entrance exam and know the exam day dos and don’ts.


Read the following pointers and I guarantee that if you abide by them, you will be calm while attempting your MHT CET entrance exam paper.

Exam day Dos and Don’ts

  1. To begin with, you definitely have to get good night’s rest. Only then is it possible to take on the tasks of the next day with open arms. You have had enough time to prepare. Sleep well!
  2. Don’t wake up in haste to grab your notes yet. Freshen up and eat a wholesome breakfast. It is essential to be well fed on the exam day like any other day. One needs the energy to write and remember answers.
  3. Make short notes beforehand. In this manner, all you have to do on the day of the exam is go through these notes and revise. Reading comprehensive answers will leave you exhausted and confused. It is not possible to read chapter’s end to end anyway.
  4. Make sure you carry all the necessary items for the exam. For example: appropriate stationery, hall ticket, water bottle etc.
  5. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and use the restroom before entering the exam hall. Do not drink too many cups of coffee. The goal is to feel sprightly and happy.
  6. Incontestably place the seat number and other details as needed, correctly. Important, very important.
  7. Once you get the question paper in hand, don’t fret if you are unaware of the answer to certain question/s. Take a deep breath and begin with answers you are confident about. Timing your answers is clever. Do not exceed this allotted time limit for each answer.
  8. By making an effort for the tricky questions in the end, you are rest assured about answers already written.
  9. In case you have time on your hands after completing the exam, read the answers. This way, you can make changes if needed. Also, check if all questions are answered. One can absent-mindedly miss questions.
  10. Once out of the exam hall, do not discuss the paper. It can be stressful and is unnecessary.


That’s it. This is all you need to do. Manage time. Study smart. Trust yourself to have written the paper well. Be realistic though and follow the list of  MHT CET exam day dos and don’ts.

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