Scored low in MHT CET, What Next?

Since there was a lot of ruckus surrounding Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) 2016 and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), students were not able to give their best. This resulted in students scoring less percentile in MHT CET 2016. MHT CET 2016 was declared valid on 24th May 2016 for seat only in governmental colleges by the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee. After this, one question arises, Scored Low in MHT CET, What Next?

You are the winner

                                 You are a Winner

Scoring low in any exam is not the end of the world. You simply have to pull up your socks and work on it again, without stress. It is your enemy and only you can tackle it. If you have made up your mind to not pursue medical or engineering altogether, there are still multiple lucrative options.

Below are interesting courses you can opt for if you score less in MHT CET or any other entrance exam after STD 12.

  1. Culinary Arts/Hospitality: Get cooking people. Learn about various cuisines, ingredients and cultures. This is one of the most vibrant courses and you can never get out of ideas. Inspiration will always be available to you, just follow your instincts and a few scientific reactions. If a particular cuisine interests you, visit that country to understand the true meaning and origins of that cuisine. Feel its roots.
  2. Fine Arts: If you have sharp imagination and rhythm in your hands, you are destined to be a painter, sculptor, potter or architect. Your imagination is your ultimate guide. Look around and you will be inspired by almost everything.
  3. Learn a language: If you fancy learning a new language, go for it and take it up as a profession. You may choose to learn multiple languages and then teach in colleges/coaching classes and even become a translator at the respective embassy. Best way to learn a new language is to visit that country so that you can have a conversation with the locals to pick simple words in the beginning. Bonus!
  4. Performing Arts: Music, theatre and dance. If you can get into the character, feel its emotions and convey what it has to say to the audience, you must definitely give yourself a green signal.
  5. Writing: Are you a wordsmith? Can you express yourself through words more than actions? Get a book/laptop and start. Understand which topic interests you the most and research every nook and corner related to it. The words will write themselves down naturally without your efforts. Blogging today is one of the best ways to exhibit your writing skills and also to earn a living.
  6. Designing: Fashion, Interior and Jewellery. Just like fine arts, if you have inclination and knowledge about the intricate work of a designer, there are many courses available. You can find your muse anywhere. Get sketching.
  7. Photography: Black and white or colour, nature, wildlife, wedding or still. What is your calling? You don’t need a big expensive camera to pick this field initially. After all, your guts should tell you what is the best angle and light to click pictures or shoot videos from your phone. To begin with, just have a steady hand.
  8. Chartered Accountant (CA) and Company Secretary (CS): Numbers all the way. If maths is a strong point, Chartered Accountants (CA) and Company Secretaries (CS) are a smart move after STD 12. Every company needs these guys to manage finance and administration end to end.
  9. Film-making: Just watching movies is not enough if you want to get into film-making. It needs a keen eye for minute details and a lot of things are involved that lead to the final finished product. You have to understand acting, direction, production, fashion and it’s a long list.
  10. Mass Media: Journalism, Advertising, Photography, Audio, Visual and Radio Production are amongst the many specializations of Mass Media. Most of the jobs profiles in this field require the employee to relocate or one can say it is not always a desk job.
  11. IT: Can you part with your phone? Technology is everywhere and it supplies you with data. Manpower is always needed in almost every big firm for various tasks related to data. The most common term we are familiar with is data entry.
  12. Animation: Always wondered how inanimate things come to life in movies. The answer to this is animation. Like film-making this field too requires someone who can avidly attend to the pettiest detail like the movement of a feather on a hat when it is windy.
  13. Aviation: Don’t have wings, but will still fly. Aviation is a job with great responsibilities. This field needs you to be aware of the latest that is added to aviation technology and you must give exams periodically for the same. Plus, you get a crisp uniform and to lighten the burden of responsibilities feel free to think of it like a paid vacation. It really isn’t though, constant jet lag anyone?
  14. Bachelor of Arts (BA): Three-year course with subjects like Logic, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Languages, History, Literature and Philosophy among others to specialize in.
  15. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): Three-year course with subjects like Accounts, Statistics, Mathematics, Tax, Economics and Finance among others to specialize in.
  16. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc): Three-year course with subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics among others to specialize in.

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