Importance of Parental Support after Scoring Low in Entrance Exams

Scoring low in an entrance exam, school/college exam or random classroom test is not as grave as the hype about it. Ups and downs are a part of life. With the support of our friends and family we can definitely cross this hurdle. So you scored average marks, its okay, you have another chance to excel. Entrance exams like NEET and MHT CET are important for medical and engineering aspirants, no doubt. However, for many reasons you may not always perform well in every aspect or exam in your life. Parents have a big hand in shaping the character of their child. So you what happens to Parental Support after Scoring Low in Entrance Exams?

Parental Support after Scoring Low in Entrance Exams

Parental Support after Scoring Low in Entrance Exams

Parents, we know that you care and worry about your kiddo, but you need to understand that he/she is upset with the report card too. Believe it or not, they are upset as much as if not more than you. Perhaps, you could do a few things mentioned below to make them feel better and take the tension, stress and pressure off them. After all, too much stress can never be good for anybody.

  1. Conversation: Talk it out. Reciprocation is necessary if one really wishes to reach to the roots of the problem. Get to know what went wrong and how it should be repeated is crucial. Keep a pleasant tone and to end the conversation with- it is okay, we’ll work harder next time. That’s it. This will take away all the awkwardness and stress away.
  2. Mini-Vacation: Take a break and get out of house. Visiting a new place and indulging in activities which are not part of our daily monotonous routine is refreshing. It can change one’s mood immensely. While on the trip do not ever mention anything about studies. It’s time for all play and no pressure.
  3. Friends: Arrange a small get together for your kid and his/her friends. Meeting friends, having a laugh, eating and making merry can rejuvenate your senses. Hence, forgetting about the low scores. In no time, your kid will forget about this small hiccup.
  4. Favourite Restaurant: Take your kid to his/her favourite restaurant. Let them order your heart out and fill their bellies with delicious goodies. Food can soothe oneself and make you feel content. Take a nap after it and voila, low score, what low score?
  5. Movie and Ice Cream: What better way to kill a bad mood than you scream, I scream, we all scream, ice cream and a movie. Put on some good happy, lively, funny or even an action movie with a tub of ice cream. There cannot be a lazier and comforting way towards pure bliss than this.

These pointers will not only help you cheer your children, but also make them realise that you are there for them no matter what. Testing times need ample of support from people you are close to. Family is a great source of building confidence in children. Family first right? And of course, this will make you cool parents. Secretly, don’t you want it?

In case you child makes up its mind to not appear for the same entrance exam again, keep calm and look at other options that will provide a lucrative career.

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