Importance of Mock Tests for NEET Preparation

Be it a simple classroom test, school or college exam, major entrance exam or even job interviews, people always suggest to do a ‘mock’. A mock test helps you understand what exactly happens in an exam. No student should directly appear for an exam without going through the process of a mock test. It is advised to attempt several mock tests (at least 30- one each day) in the last month before the entrance exam. If you have anxiety issues before an exam, mock tests are the best remedy that will help you in believing in yourself. So, what is the Importance of Mock Tests for NEET Preparation?

NEET Phase 2 2016 will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on 24th July 2016.

Importance of Mock Tests for NEET Preparation

                                 Importance of Mock Tests for NEET Preparation

 Below are the reasons why entrance exam applicants should take mock tests for NEET.

  1. Paper Pattern: The structure of an exam should be understood thoroughly. The segregation of questions as per marks gives you an idea about how the paper can be solved, keeping in mind lengthy as well as quick answers/solutions.
  2. Time and Speed: If one wishes to complete the entire paper, time management is needed. Often, one gets engrossed in solving a question for too long. This is a very common mistake made by pupils. Allotting time for each section is necessary. Solving mock tests increases speed. It is the key to solve entrance exam question papers. With every mock test you solve, you will most certainly notice the increase in speed. You will know which section needs more attention and should be solved first.
  3. Important Questions: Solving mock tests will make you aware about the repeated questions that are always asked in entrance exams. When you read the question paper in the examination hall, you may attempt these questions first. This saves time and you’ll know you have locked these marks to your benefit. After all, who does not like to know the important questions from exam point of view before hand?
  4. Weightage: Want to know which chapters are important? Take a mock test. Through such tests you will know for certain which chapters need more attention than others. The chapters from which questions are asked often should be learnt well.
  5. Atmosphere of Entrance Exam: Mock tests will give you a feel of the actual arena, the examination hall. The above points sum up this experience. It so happens that students get nervous as soon they sit in the exam hall. The so-called fear of the exam takes grip and you are not able to perform well. Repeatedly taking mock tests will increase your speed and hence, confidence.

However, only taking mock tests in not enough. You have to keep a track of your progress. Analysis after mock tests is the key to success in NEET 2016. Solve as many as mock tests as you can. An entrance exam is just another step in life. Fearing failure or low scores in entrance exams will not let you give your 100% in NEET. Understand where you stand, your strengths and weaknesses. Learn from your mistakes in mock tests and do not repeat them in the real examination.

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