5 Mistakes to Avoid while Preparing for MHT CET & NEET 2017

Appearing for entrance exams is a major step in the academic lives of students. Medical entrance exams like National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) need a lot of attention. While preparing for such exams one must keep in mind exam preparation dos and don’ts. These pointers may seem petty, but can prove to be extremely helpful when followed on a day-to-day basis. So, gear up to learn about mistakes that can be avoided during entrance exam preparation.



                                  NEET- Medical Entrance Exam Preparation

Below are the top 5 errors you must keep at bay during entrance exam preparation like NEET.

  1. Not clearing doubts: When we study, we are bound to come across multiple theoretical obstacles. These doubts must be solved then and there. Lingering on with these is a loss to nobody but you. Search it online, ask your teacher/tutor or your friends, but get them solved ASAP. Again, do not just hear it for once and be done. There are chances that in a few days you might forget the solutions to your doubts and be at point zero again. Thoroughly understand and practise the answers to your doubts.
  2. Not paying attention in classroom: You may have enrolled yourself in coaching classes or may have hired a personal tutor. However, it is essential for you to pay attention in the classroom when your teachers are teaching. Focus, concentration and attentiveness are essential. Perhaps, in a classroom you may realise your doubts and if you are shy to clarify them in a classroom full of people, then you may later clarify these doubts at your online coaching classes or your personal tutor. Paying attention in class always helps.
  3. Not practising mock tests repeatedly: Taking mocks tests for NEET preparation is crucial. It is only through solving multiple question papers that you will understand the paper pattern, your speed at solving the paper and the atmosphere of the examination centre. Solving only a couple of few mock tests will not give you the hang of the actual examination. Remember, practise will make you perfect. Mock tests are a great way to understand your mistakes, so that you do not repeat them on D-Day.
  4. Not understanding concepts: The basic concepts of every subject and every chapter must be clear. When concepts are not clear, you will find it difficult to learn and will have to mug up answers. Mugging answers is a big no-no. Learn and try to figure these out in the easiest way and once in awhile take a look at them to refresh your memory. If the foundation is solid, the learning process ahead will be strong too.
  5. Studying continuously: We all need a break once in a while and face the fact that you will not study 24/7. So take a break. Smart leaning is the way to go. Slogging and mugging should not be your choice of education. It doesn’t matter even if you study only for 2 to 4 hours in a day, as long as you study with all your heart. Make every minute count. So do not study continuously. Only a fresh mind can grasp knowledge.

The most important thing is confidence and faith in oneself. Lacking these will only bring you down and not let you score as much as you can. Reach your potential and keep a positive attitude towards life.

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