Android Application for Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation in India

These are promising technological days indeed. Our generation pretty much owns at least one gadget that we cannot live without, be it a phone, iPod or laptop among others. Today, we don’t even have to step out of the house to buy clothes or grocery. So, why get out of house to go to a coaching class? Educational applications are a category among several kinds of mobile applications available around the world on iTunes or Google Play. StudMonk is one such Android Application for Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation in India.

Importance of Mock Tests for NEET Preparation

StudMonk Android Application for Entrance Exam Preparation with Full Tests and Analytics

Uses of StudMonk Android Application for Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation.

  1. Full Tests

Understand the paper pattern and the atmosphere of the entrance examination by solving multiple sets of question papers.

  1. Current Analytics

A detailed view of marks, accuracy, incorrect answers, unattempted questions and average time taken per question of every test right away.

  1. Solutions

Comprehensive and elaborated answers are provided for better learning and understanding of the respected subject matter. 

  1. Personalized Test

Choose chapters, difficulty levels and number of questions as per your own convenience, anytime from anywhere.

  1. Question of the day

Challenge yourself with our impromptu question and create your own record. If it’s an incorrect answer you must begin again.

  1. Tests Taken

Track what you have already done online or offline with respect to chapters, difficulty levels and number of questions.

  1. Share with Friends

What’s up peers? Share questions and analytical overview through Facebook and WhatsApp. 

  1. Bookmark

Want to study or solve anything again in the future? Simply bookmark it.

  1. Dynamic Time

Time’s up during a personalized test? You can still continue without your scores being affected.

With such helpful features in this Android Application for Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation, one should go ahead and download it from Google Play Store. Technology is a students best friend. StudMonk is your friend!

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