5 tips to solve NEET MCQ correctly

NEET (previously AIPMT) is considered as one of the toughest entrance examinations in India. In order to crack NEET one need to be ready with proper strategy. A candidate should know NEET question paper solving techniques to score well in the exam.

In NEET there are total 180 multiple choice questions, each carrying 4 marks. Candidates need to circle their responses. Every correct answer will be awarded 4 marks and wrong will attract deduction of 1 mark. Whenever it comes to attempting exam paper with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), students often find themselves in huge mess. In hurry and under pressure they tend to mark wrong responses thereby losing substantial amount of marks. What to do in such case?

In order to mark the correct answer, candidates need to have deeper understanding of the concepts from each topic of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They need to follow expert created NEET Study Planner to study every concept thoroughly.

Team StudMonk has come up with 5 tricks to get correct answers for MCQ in NEET. Read below the NEET 2017 multiple choice question solving tips.

How to solve NEET MCQ correctly

Tips to Solve NEET MCQ correctly

How to get NEET MCQ correct?

Below are the quick tips to get the MCQ right in NEET 2017.

  1. We can also solve some problem in Physics by comparing the units of the options which satisfies the dimensions of the quantity
  2. For few questions, where dimensional analysis fails, recognize the proper limits of the answer and mark the correct answers
  3. For some problems, direct solution is not obtained by a simple formula and hence we need to solve the formula. At such time try cause and result method to chunk down the problem and use estimation rule

Additional Tips to solve NEET MCQ correctly

  • Learn easy topics to earn good marks – An old trick, but it still works for most entrance exams. In Modern Physics there are topics like Nuclei and Atoms that you just can’t ignore for NEET. Understanding this topic is easy and quick. Just pay little more heed to these topics. Memorize simple topics and increase your chances to crack NEET 2017 with good marks.
  • Eliminate highest and lowest – In your NEET 2017 exam paper if there is any question which has answers in numerical values, reject the extremes. In about 60-70% cases, the highest and lowest values are not right. Hence, be extremely sure while marking the answer.
  • Pick one of the two options available – In case if you have already crossed out two wrong answers pick one of the two remaining options. Wondering what is the trick to choose the one right answer? Make use of Point # 2.


The above NEET tips and tricks may help you solve NEET MCQ in NEET 2017 Question Paper correctly. All of these tips may be used to earn decent marks in NEET.

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