B.U.M.S: Career Scope, Colleges, Recruiters and Pay Scale

B.U.M.S (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery) is an alternative medical system based on the relation of natural elements: fire, water, earth and air with the human body. It is a system of medicine practiced in parts of India, thought to be derived via medieval Muslim Physicians from Byzantine Greece as per Oxford Dictionary.

If you wish to pursue a career in B.U.M.S, below are helpful elements of the course.



Under Graduation Course: Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)

Eligibility:  Aspirants completed age 17 having passed the required Medical Entrance Exam and STD 12 with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) and English.

Course Duration: 5 and ½ Years including a year of Internship (mandatory)

Number of Semesters: 9 Semesters

Post Graduation Course: MD/MS Unani

Eligibility: Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)

Course Duration: 3 Years

Important Subjects

Below are the top most important topics in the syllabus of B.U.M.S.

  1. Cauterization
  2. Cupping
  3. Diaphoresis
  4. Dietotherapy (llaj-bit-Ghiza)
  5. Diuresis
  6. Emesis
  7. Exercise
  8. Leeching
  9. Massage
  10. Pharmacotherapy (llaj-bit-Dawa)
  11. Purging
  12. Regimental therapy (llaj -bit- Tadbeer)
  13. Surgery (Jarahat)
  14. Turkish bath
  15. Venesection

Top Colleges

Below are some of the top B.U.M.S and MD/MS Unani colleges in India

  1. A. G. Unani Medical College, Nandurbar
  2. Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College, Delhi
  3. Institute of Asian Medical Science (Unani), Srinagar
  4. Iqra Unani Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Jalgaon
  5. Rajasthan Unani Medical College and Hospital, Jaipur
  6. Rajputana Unani Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur
  7. University of Delhi, Delhi
  8. Yunus Fazlani Unani Medical College and Al Fazlani Hospital, Aurangabad
  9. Z.V.M.Unani Medical College, Pune

Top Job Profiles

Below are some of the most respected job profiles B.U.M.S and MD/MS Unani students.

  1. Consultant
  2. Hakeem
  3. Lecturer
  4. Medical assistant
  5. Pharmacist
  6. Private practice
  7. Public health specialist
  8. Scientist
  9. Spa director
  10. Therapist

Top Recruitment Areas

Below mentioned are some of the reputed fields that absorb students of B.U.M.S and MD/MS Unani.

  1. Healthcare community
  2. Life science industries
  3. Nursing home in Unani care
  4. Unani and Ayurveda Research institutes
  5. Unani Charitable institutions
  6. Unani Clinic
  7. Unani Consultancies
  8. Unani dispensaries
  9. Unani Government hospitals
  10. Unani Medical colleges
  11. Unani medicine store
  12. Unani medicine system education Training institutes
  13. Unani Pharmaceutical industries like Hamdard
  14. Unani private hospital


Know the pay scale offered to and professionals.

Just started: Up to Rs. 300,000 per annum

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