Time Management Tips for NEET 2017

Are you finding it difficult to manage NEET preparation along with board studies? Running out of time for NEET? Don’t worry! This article on time management tips for NEET will help you sort the problem.

Most students find it difficult to balance between board and entrance exam preparation. The most common reason for this is lack of time management tactics. Managing time is easy, but managing it optimally is utmost important to take your NEET preparation to the next level.  A proper plan for NEET helps you manage time between study, revision, practice and breaks. It makes time allocation for these activities simple.

Prepared by StudMonk experts, the below time management tips for NEET 2017 will aid you clear NEET successfully. Read on

Time Management Tips for NEET 2017

Firstly, do the following things immediately to score well in the final exam.

  • Create complete NEET Study Planner. The plan has to be created based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Make your time table interesting by adding study breaks, paper solving session, group discussions etc. Simply reading and mugging up could lead to boredom
  • Create small notes for quick revision. Make flashcards using StudMonk Flashcard app and remember all important formulae and points

    Time Management Tips for NEET 2017

    Time Management Tips for NEET 2017

In the next step add deadlines to make your time plan work practically in your favor. Wondering how? Read below.

  • Tuck the timetable/study planner in your room at a place which is always in front of your eye. This will remind you about the time schedule you need to follow to complete your NEET preparation
  • Divide your productive hours smartly in studying, revision, mock test solving for NEET and study breaks
  • Devotee few hours for completing exam formalities like downloading admit card, registration, modifying the registration details etc. Even these are important at this stage. Hence include the hours allotted for these tasks in your NEET Study Plan to make it foolproof
  • Set a deadline against each goal or item your list

Lastly, prepare your mind to follow the time plan religiously.

  • Once prepared, you should follow the time table regularly for successfully clearing the exam
  • Don’t let anybody influence your mind; follow it dedicatedly
  • Take a note of your deadlines; unless your respect the goals you won’t be able to complete it
  • Set priorities for every goal/task and work as per the priorities

Time Management Tips for NEET 2017 Exam

The above was to manage time for NEET preparation, NEET revision and NEET mock test. However, your time management task doesn’t ends there. It is in fact more important on the exam day.

NEET is 3 hour exam, with total 180 Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) to be answered. The exam paper will be divided into four sections – Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. Each question will carry 4 marks. This means that one has to solve more number of questions in limited time for good score. Here too time management is the key to crack NEET 2017.

Below are the time management tips for the exam day:

  • In order to solve maximum questions correctly in limited time frame, you need to create and follow proper strategies for answering NEET MCQ correctly.
  • Start solving easy questions first because that’s your strong area, hence it won’t take much time
  • Discard highest and lowest option. In your NEET question paper if there is any question which has answers in numerical values, reject the extremes. In about 60-70% cases, the highest and lowest values are not right

In order to solve NEET 2017 Question Paper correctly in less time, you should get enough practice before the exam. Solve as many mock tests and previous year question papers of NEET to get familiar with the exam pattern and exam environment. It helps!

For NEET mock tests and complete practice for the exam, you can download our Android app – StudMonk – Prepare on the go! for free.

In case of any query, you can write to us in the comment box below. Our experts will reply to your query within 24 hours of the question posted.

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All the best!

Bhavana Singh

Bhavana Singh

Lead Content Writer at StudMonk
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8 replies
  1. yogita ahuja
    yogita ahuja says:

    hello my name is yogita ahuja
    I am in 11th standard
    I want to ask you that what should be the optimum hours of study for preparation of neet exam 2018

    • monksays
      monksays says:

      Hi Yogita,
      There is no standard time set to prepare for entrance exams. It entirely depends on your capability and capacity. One thing you should note that don’t over-stress yourself, else you may get bored. Therefore take frequent study breaks of not more than 10 mins after every 2 hours of study. This will help you freshen up your mind.

      According to NEET 2016 Topper Het Shah it is fine if you are not consistent with the number of hours you study each day. What is important here is you should be regular in your preparation and revision. One should practice chapter based and complete syllabus questions using online NEET Test Series.

      We recommend you prepare a Study Plan for your NEET Preparation. You can refer our planner for help http://studmonk.com/blog/2016/09/02/download-neet-2017-study-plan/

      All the best! 🙂

  2. utkarsh jain
    utkarsh jain says:

    I am utkarsh jain and preparing for neet 2017
    how my time management for study and what my time table so pls you tell me about I can manage time table to crack it

    • monksays
      monksays says:

      Hi Utkarsh,
      Thanks for writing to us. You should refer NEET 2017 Study Plan to know how to manage time for NEET preparation. Your preparation time table should include time for studying, practising and revision.

      Good luck!

    • monksays
      monksays says:

      Hi Ojas,
      Below is the list of scoring topics in Physics:
      Laws of motion
      Current electricity
      Wave motion
      Motion in straight line
      Motion in plane
      System of particle and Rotational motion
      Thermal Properties of matter
      Electric potential and capacitance
      Magnetism and matter
      Moving charges and magnetism
      Magnetism and matter

      Good Luck!

  3. Jyoti mittal
    Jyoti mittal says:

    Hello i want to know that how i can prepare for neet along with board exams and daily coachings at present i am in 12th


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