Top 10 Tips to Crack MHT CET 2017

MHT CET Entrance Exam is one of the most important examinations for all the students who are yearning to become an engineer in the state of Maharashtra. It’s clear that MHT CET is one of the most difficult examinations and preparing for the same requires special techniques rather than just hard work and dedication which can help you to get that extra edge.

It’s crucial how to prepare for such an important exam. Most of the times, students get confused while trying to prepare for MHT CET exams and this leads them to undesired consequences. If you are on the pursuit of entering the MHT CET 2017 examinations, then look no further. We have compiled 10 tips on how to crack your MHT CET 2017 examinations. These top Tips to Crack MHT CET 2017 can immensely simplify your role for preparing in the forthcoming examinations.

How to Crack MHT CET 2017?

  • Understand clearly each and every single concept from text books. Be it Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, try to solve each objective question from the textbooks for clearing the concepts. Be familiar with the examination format and complete syllabus so that you know how much portion of the syllabus is covered and what topics are remaining.
  • Plan your preparation well in advance as to finishing each of the chapters, revising and practicing them accordingly. Every single topic plays a major role in clearing the MHT CET exam. Schedule proper time for each section of syllabus.
  • Focusing right from the early stages and studying regularly throughout the duration for preparation of the MHT CET exam will be very beneficial instead of cramming at the last minute.
  • Keep calm mentally while preparing and giving the MHT CET exam. Nervousness or stress will be a hindrance for you and can affect your performance. So try to relax yourself and avoid anxiety.

    Tips to Crack MHT CET 2017

    Tips to Crack MHT CET 2017

  • Identify the exam format in a thorough manner. Prepare yourself in such a way that high weightage chapters are dealt in advance. Clearing all your doubts well in advance for each and every topic is necessary for clearing the exam
  • For any exam, Time is of utmost importance. So measure your time allotted for each query and work accordingly. Time management can help you to get through all the questions in the exam.
  • Practicing previous year question paper is an important way to analyze if you can complete solving each query within the exam stipulated time. This can aid you to train your mind better. Also, adjusting yourself to the allotted MHT CET exam format is necessary for clearing with flying colours.
  • They say ‘Practice is the key.’ and it is perfectly right. Keep practicing every single topic till you become master and then cracking MHT CET will not be any difficult for you.
  • Covering an entire syllabus is not important. Mastering the essential chosen topics means a great deal while you approach for the exam. This can prove a lot beneficial when you appear for the exams.
  • Revision is an important part before you appear for the exams. Also, try to avoid last minute confusions. Solve question papers of MHT CET from the earlier years to familiarize yourself with the format and time management aspects.

So students, if you follow the above tips to crack MHT CET 2017, than not only preparation for the exams is a breeze, but also clearing the exams with excellent marks is well within your reach. Efficiency plays a major role while preparing for MHT CET. Stick to all the schedules and your labours will bear fruits accordingly.

All the best to you when you appear for MHT CET 2017 exams!

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Bhavana Singh

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  1. Kumar ankit
    Kumar ankit says:

    I really want to study in maharashtra .. and for this m just waiting for the exam.. but u wanted to know. . That exam ke phle hmare boards honge.. alright .to ncert se mai pdh rha hu sb kch to wo effective hoga? Na?..

    • monksays
      monksays says:

      Hi Rohan,
      That totally depends on your preparation level. You should spend more time on revision and practise in the last month before the exam.
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      All the best!
      Team StudMonk


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