10 Last minute revision tips to crack NEET Phase 2 in one attempt

With NEET approaching closer, you may be worried about your performance in the final exam. That’s natural, considering the importance of this exam in every medical aspirant’s life!

But instead of taking tension, skipping food and spending sleepless nights, you should channelize your mind in gearing up for the D-day with positivity. Move ahead with ‘can do’ attitude and give it your best shot. In this article StudMonk experts share last minute revision tips to crack NEET Phase 2 in single attempt.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 last minute revision tips to crack NEET 2016 Phase 2.

Revision Tips to Crack NEET Phase 2

  • Practice more – Revision does not mean you should only mug up or read. It also means practicing. Putting your preparation to test is the right way to gauge your level. For this, you should take NEET Mock Tests & solve sample papers or previous year’s NEET question papers. Online Tests for NEET are the right way to perform personal assessment and rank your preparation level. These pre-exam tests helps a candidate get familiar with the exam pattern and adjust themselves to the actual test environment.
  • Avoid multiple reference books – Studying from multiple NEET reference books at a time could lead to confusion. One should refer only those books that he/she has referred from starting. Don’t go by recommendations at the end moment. Because every book explains the same concept in different ways. So, better stick to just one study material.
  • Don’t take up new topics – Similarly, avoid taking up new topics at the last moment. Instead channelize your time and efforts on revising and practicing the topics you are already good at. Taking up new topics in the last few days can complicate your revision phase; chances are you may forget what you’ve already studied.

    Quick Revision Tips for NEET

    Quick Revision Tips for NEET

  • Refer your revision notes – In our earlier post on time management for NEET, we have mentioned that creating small revision notes or using flashcards could prove beneficial in memorizing all important formula and points at the last moment. Try this, it helps!
  • Make use of last minute study planner – A study planner helps you know what to revise, how much time to devote for revision and practicing. Most NEET time table also lays down day and week-wise plan to achieve the most in less time. StudMonk’s NEET Study Planner highlights important questions for NEET along with quick revision tips by Subject Matter Experts.
  • Take study breaks – Your study plan should also have study breaks. It helps keep your mind fresh and energetic for a longer time. Studying or practicing continuously could lead to tiredness and boredom. So, take 15-20 minutes study breaks after every 3 hours.
  • Avoid negative thoughts – When exam date comes closer students tend to panic, think negative and spend sleepless nights thinking about their performance in the final exam. What to do in such case? Take break and relax your mind. Indulge in your favorite activities, take up yoga or meditation. It helps!
  • Take proper sleep and diet – What you eat also has impact on your mind & body. Avoid eating junk food in the last few days of the exam to stay fit and focused. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Because as they say ‘A happy and healthy mind can achieve anything and everything.’
  • Focus on time management – Managing time between board and entrance exam becomes difficult. Not only this, most students also make blunder during the exam day by devoting maximum time to one question thereby leaving the other one. Avoid this habit! Create a proper time management plan for NEET to avoid mistakes.
  • Enhance your strong areas – In every exam students have their strong and weak areas. One should try to maximize the benefits of your strong areas. In the last few days if you touch new reference material or try to learn new concept you may end up getting confused. Hence, revise what you already know well rather than taking up new topics. This definitely helps!

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Bhavana Singh

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  1. Rishika Ahluwalia
    Rishika Ahluwalia says:

    Nice article, specially the part where you mentioned about study breaks, proper sleep, and diet. Many a time while preparing for the exam students tend to neglect this things.

    • monksays
      monksays says:

      Hello Rishika,
      Thank you for your appreciation. Subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss out any of interesting blog post. Happy studying!

  2. Parikrama Shrinivasan
    Parikrama Shrinivasan says:

    very well written. I think students should consider referring to previous years question paper and mock tests too while preparing for the NEET exams.


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