Reasons to Choose NCERT Books for NEET Preparation

Picking the right study material, creating and following a study plan and keeping calm are the key ingredients to score well in NEET or any other entrance exam. But with so many books available in the market, picking one best out of many becomes a daunting task for students. Eventually, most aspirants end up making the wrong choice. So, what to do?

StudMonk Experts recommend choosing NCERT books for NEET Preparation because it focuses more on the basic concepts from Classes XI and XII. Strong basics are essential for clearing a tough exam like NEET.

In the below article we present the benefits of choosing NCERT Books to prepare for NEET.

Importance of NCERT Books for NEET Preparation

Check below the advantages of studying from NCERT books.

Easy to understand language

NCERT books carry a language that is plain and easy to understand. Even the trickiest concepts from PCB are explained in a very simple manner, which makes it helpful for the students to understand the technical aspects of the topics. Experts recommend reading this book regularly to stay strong on the fundamentals.

Best Reference Books for NEET Preparation

Diagram based questions

The book carries diagram based questions, which makes understanding the subject simple and quick. As they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ similar is the case with this book. Especially for Biology, NCERT books can be of immense help because out of the 90 questions in this subject, most are diagram based. Additionally, NCERT Books for NEET Preparation have numerous flowcharts, which the understanding of biological processes easy and quick.

NCERT Books for NEET Preparation

NCERT Books for NEET Preparation

Focuses on strengthening fundamentals

One must take NCERT Books seriously while preparing for NEET. This is because it covers the basics and fundamentals on all topics of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Once your fundamentals are clear, clearing NEET/AIPMT with good score becomes a lot easier.

Final exam based questions

One of the most advantages of studying through NCERT books is that a decent number of question in final NEET paper are either directly sourced from these books or are slightly different. If we see the pattern of AIPMT/NEET in the last few years, the numerical based questions in the paper are generally hugely influenced by the NCERT syllabus. Almost every topic in the NCERT books is important from final exam perspective. Therefore one should not take chance by neglecting NCERT books for NEET Preparation.

Now that you know which is the first book you need to pick to start preparing for NEET, go ahead and get started with your NEET 2017 Preparation now!

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