What is the Fee Structure of Government and Private Medical Colleges in India?

Most students choose their career path in their lower classes only. In India the most appealing profession that one can think of is of a doctor and engineer. Nearly every parent in India wants their child to be either a doctor or an engineer. To fulfill this desire, they start saving for their child’s future right from their kindergarten phase. But many dreams shatter due to the huge medical college fee structure.

The cost of medical education in India is huge. This is because a simple degree in medicine is usually not enough to make a successful career. One needs to go for specialization in one of the many branches of medicine to become a specialist and eventually make decent money.  Each year a lot of dreams shatter due to parent’s incapacity to pay hefty fee. With that in view we have come up this blog article that highlights the average fee structure of top government and private medical colleges in India.  Students and their parents can take a look at the fee chart below to prepare themselves for the education cost.

Private and Medical College Fee Structure in India

Medical College Fee Structure in India || Source: Konga Seller Academy

Fee Structure of Private Medical Colleges

We all know that private MBBS Colleges Fee in India is too high. Ranging from academic fee to hostel fee, everything is expensive. So if you want to study in private medical colleges in India, you need to be prepared for paying huge sum. For instance, on an average studying medicine in private medical college will cost you approximately Rs. 10 lakh (starting). However, it can even go up to Rs. 50 lakhs for full course.

Below is the list of top private medical colleges in India along with their fee structure.

STATE Name of Medical College Fee Structure Other
Bhopal Index Medical College Rs.4,00,000/year 25000/- as Caution money
Chattisgarh C M Medical College, Kuchandur Rs.3,80,000/year
Uttar Pradesh UPCMET Colleges Rs.49,67,500/- Paid in four installments, Rs.2,00,000/- as Security
Karnataka KMC(Manipal Univ.) Rs.37,67,000/- in Five installment Rs.10,000/- Registration Fee
Maharashtra DY PATIL MEDICAL COLLEGE, PUNE Rs.10,75,000/year
Maharashtra Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Sangli Rs.8,50,000/yr. for Regular Rs.10,00,000/yr for Management quota
Karnataka MS RAMAIAH MEDICAL COLLEGE, BANGALORE Rs.3,69,000/yr. for Students selected through Comedk

Fee Structure of Government Medical Colleges

The popularity of government medical college is more over private ones. Most students try to get into government medical colleges in India, primarily because they are relatively cheaper. But again, everything comes at a cost – in order to get admission in government medical institutes a candidate needs to clear their pre-medical entrance test that is usually tough.

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There is significant difference in the fee structure of Central, State and Private medical colleges. For instance, AIIMS fee is subsidized and therefore very low when compared against any other colleges.

Below is the fee structure of AIIMS state and central government quota for MBBS course.

AIIMS Fee Structure – Central Government Quota MBBS Seats

Institution Annual Fee Mess Charges
6 new AIIMS Rs. 5,500/- approx. (full course) Rs. 50,000/- annually
AIIMS, Delhi Rs. 1,000/- approx Rs. 2,000/- monthly

AIIMS Fee Structure – State Quota MBBS Seats

Some of the state medical colleges in India ask the candidates to sign a compulsory service bond between 1-5 years after the completion of the course.

STATE Name Of College Annual Fee Admission Fee Hostel Fee Other
Bihar PATNA MEDICAL COLLEGE, PATNA Rs.6,100/- Rs.9,500/- Rs.3,600/yr.
Delhi MAULANA AZAD MEDICAL COLLEGE Rs.250/- Rs.6,100/- Rs.6000/yr. Bond: Rs.5,000/-
Delhi LADY HARDINGE MEDICAL COLLEGE Rs.1,355/- Rs.1,355/- Rs.490/yr.
Delhi VARDHAM MAHAVIR MEDICAL COLLEGE Rs.33,500 Rs.33,500 Rs.7000/yr.
Goa GOA MEDICAL COLLEGE, PANAJI Rs.63,000/- Rs.38,000/- Rs.3,700/yr Bond, if any: Rs.500000
Gujrat B.J. MEDICAL COLLEGE, AHMEDABAD Rs.6,000/- Rs.6,000/- Rs.1,200/- Bond, if any: Rs.500000
Haryana PT. B.D. SHARMA PGIMS, ROHTAK Rs.42,420/- Rs.42,420/- Rs.17,200/yr.
Jharkhand M.G.M. MEDICAL COLLEGE,JAMSHEDPUR Rs.9,130/- Rs.9,130/- Rs.25,000/yr.
Karnataka BANGALORE MED. COLLEGE,BANGALORE Rs.23,420/- Rs.7,273/yr.
Kerala GOVT.MEDICAL COLLEGE, THRISSUR Rs.23,000/- Rs.27,500/- Rs.480/yr.
Maharashtra GRANT MEDICAL COLL & SIR J.J.HOSP,MUMBAI Rs.70,805/- Rs.70,805/- Rs.4,240/yr.
Madhya Pradesh GANDHI MEDICAL COLLEGE, BHOPAL Rs.35,000/- Rs.49,810/- Rs.10,000/yr. Compulsory 1yr Rural Bond
Orissa S.C.B. MEDICAL COLLEGE, CUTTACK Rs.17,000/- Rs.29,830/- Rs.4,730/yr. Bond, if any: Rs.5,00,000/-
Punjab GOVT. MEDICAL COLLEGE,PATIALA Rs.80,000/- Rs.80,000/- Rs.31,000/yr.
Tamil Nadu MADRAS MEDICAL COLLEGE, CHENNAI Rs.12,290/- Rs.12,290/- Rs.36,000/yr.
Rajasthan S.M.S. MEDICAL COLLEGE, JAIPUR Rs.2,260/- Rs.2,260/- Rs.2,500/yr.
West Bengal R.G. KAR MEDICAL COLLEGE,KOLKATA Rs.12,000/- Rs.6,520/- Rs.169/yr. Bond, if any: Rs.1,00,000
Uttar Pradesh KGMC, LUCKNOW Rs.48,000/- Rs.48,000/- Rs.4900/yr,

*Disclaimer – The above fee is tentative and may have changed. Candidates are advised to check the current/exact fee structure by contacting these colleges.

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