How to Do I Motivate Myself for Entrance Exam Preparation?

We all may have struggled (or still do!) with this at some point in our lives. Most students preparing for entrance exams like MHT CET, NEET, JEE, AIIMS, BITSAT or any other entrance exams complain of getting less time for preparation/revision, unable to stay motivated for longer, difficulty in concentrating and several other issues.  While these are normal symptoms during any entrance exam preparation, you should be able to get rid of it immediately to avoid getting distracted from your end goal. How to do it?

Excellent question! In the below article StudMonk experts will give you certain tips that will help you stay motivated throughout your entrance exam preparation period. Read on.

How to stay motivated for Entrance Exam Preparation?

Entrance exams like NEET and MHT CET need students to be really smart in tackling tough questions in limited time. The syllabus is vast and competition to get the most coveted medical or engineering seat in one of the top colleges is huge. This clearly needs smart work and lot of preparation. When the syllabus is tough and one has to study more, it is natural to get boredom and demotivated easily. But you cannot afford to waste your preparation time. So what to do?

There are top 5 ways to boost your motivation for entrance exam preparation:

  • Find out WHY you are demotivated?
  • Figure out HOW you are going to stay up?
  • Start your preparation for the toughest part EARLY 
  • Study Smart to stay motivated
  • Pamper yourself for the excellent efforts and results

Let’s understand these points in detail to get more clarity.

Step # 1 – Find out WHY you are demotivated?

In order to avoid being demotivated you must know the cause of your demotivation. The reason could be too much portion to be completed in less time, continuous poor performance in the mock test or unable to understand a topic even after trying hard. Once the reason is known, try to think beyond your present situation. Read below to know how to do it.

How to stay motivated for Entrance Exam Preparation

How to stay motivated for Entrance Exam Preparation

  • Create a plan and think how are you going to execute it tomorrow, day after and the following week or month
  • Once it is done, remember your ultimate goal. Once you achieve it what you’ll be
  • In the last step try to create a connection between your present status and your desired future

Step # 2 – Find out HOW are you going to stay up/motivated?

Now that you know the exact reason(s) for your demotivation, work on the solution! Here are some suggestions:

  • Identify your goals. For example: if you are targeting NEET, your goal will be to crack NEET successfully and get admitted in the college of your dream. The goal can be further extended to getting the highest salary package, top designation, job in your dream company etc.
  • Know how to achieve them. Now that the goal is in place, write down the things you will do or need to achieve your desired target – it could be finding the right study material for NEET, exam preparation tips & tricks, paper solving strategy and many more. Once you know the right ways to achieve your dream, you’ll automatically feel positive.
  • Create a study plan to fit the above activities in your daily schedule. Divide each day on hourly basis, and then devote time for the planned activities so that nothing gets unattended. Even after doing this if you feel you are not getting enough time for proper preparation, consider modifying the plan.

Why is a study plan important?

A study plan helps you think and act strategically thereby preventing time wastage. It keeps you focused on your goals; it helps you prioritize the activities that you have planned to achieve this end goal. No matter for which exam you are preparing, having a well-framed study planner is very important to reach your ultimate goal.

Step # 3 – Start your preparation for the toughest part EARLY in the day

It is a common student tendency that the topic/chapter they find tough, they try to avoid studying. This is because they fear losing or getting demotivated. We have a solution for this! Read below:

If you are finding something difficult, study it early in the day. This is because 2-4 hours after you wake up, your mind is fresh therefore its performance is at peak. During this time your brain works relative faster and the level of concentration is also high. Therefore choose this time to study, revise or practise that most difficult chapter.

Step # 4 – Study Smart to stay motivated

Efficient studying does not require a student to sit for long hours at a stretch. You can finish the same portion in less time, if you study smartly. How to do it? Consider creating a study planner because it sets time limit for every activity/task, which is similar to final exam environment. Through this you will allow your mind to focus in a more effective way.

Step # 5 – Pamper yourself for the excellent efforts and results

All of the above tasks require time and efforts. If you are taking initiative to follow the above steps and achieving success after that, you surely should treat yourself! Go and party with your friends, spend some time doing what you love, gift yourself your favorite thing etc.

The above steps, if followed with full dedication may help you achieve your targeted goal. We suggest you to take time out of your mundane work and do the above exercise. Investing time in the above task to stay up is like investing time in carving a bright future.

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