Know the Tips to Crack NEET 2017 from NEET Topper Het Shah

Hailing from a small town in the state of Gujarat, Het Shah topped one of the toughest medical entrance exams in India – National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET UG). How did he do it? How did he get AIR 1? Was it a hard work of just a few days or months? Remember one thing, success can’t be achieved overnight; it needs smart work, dedication and the zeal to chase to achieve the desire. In this article, Het Shah shares his preparation strategies and tips to crack NEET and how to get that most coveted seat in one of top medical institutes of India.

Tips to Crack NEET 2017 by Het Shah (NEET 2016, AIR 1)

For Eighteen year old Shah, consistent hard work and dedication means a lot. It helped him achieve the status of ‘NEET 2016 Topper.’ He does not believe in the marathon learning where students study for 12-14 hours at a stretch and spend sleepless nights. He believes in creating a study plan and following the same religiously. His daily schedule comprises of 6 hours of thorough preparation.

According to him:

  • A student should give more time to weaker subjects

    NEET Preparation Tips for Success

    NEET Preparation Tips for Success

  • Maintain regularity; stick to your basic concepts as to solve most questions you need to apply these basic ideas
  • Know the exam pattern thoroughly. It can be done by solving mock tests and previous year question papers
  • Refer NCERT books and not more than one reference/study material for NEET. Referring too many books for NEET preparation may lead to confusion
  • Solve the paper patiently. Do not take tension; relax and solve the question paper
  • He suggests solving Biology questions first. Attempting this section may reduce your overall time taken to solve the paper, as in these questions you don’t have to apply logic or do calculations
  • Time to be devoted to Chemistry can be flexible depending upon the difficulty level of the question paper
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  • Attempt questions which seem easy to you, first. Questions that involves large calculations, mark them for later
  • Last 10-15 minutes should be left for OMR sheet only. Cross check your roll number and other important details mentioned on the sheet. After all this OMR sheet is utmost important because it carries your hard work of so many years

Preparation Tips to Crack NEET by NEET 2016 Topper – Het Shah

Het Shah emphasizes more on the importance to preparing for NEET using NCERT core books, especially Biology NCERT Book. Study through these books until it sticks in your mind.

Tips to crack NEET 2017

Tips to crack NEET 2017

According to him, it is fine if you are not consistent with the number of hours you study each day. What is important here is you should be regular in your preparation and revision. One should practice chapter based and complete syllabus questions using online NEET Test Series. Mock Test for NEET helps you get familiar with the exam pattern.

Aspirants should avoid learning new topics/chapters or referring new books in last few days of the exam. This can cause confusion and demotivation too.

Subject-wise preparation tips for NEET

Tips to Crack NEET 2017

Tips to Crack NEET 2017

  • Physics – More importance should be given to numerical. In order to score good marks in Physics, one should not ignore the assertion questions that come from the theory part. For most students, Physics seem to be the most difficult subject. But if you get the logic right then it is not at all tough to solve this section.
  • Chemistry – In this section, organic’s chapter on general organic chemistry is very important. On the contrary, physical chemistry is easy as it has all logical concepts. If you have problem in remembering what you have studied, specifically for this section try and create sensible mnemonics; it really helps!
  • Biology – For Het, extensive reading was the key to success in this section. He says, for Biology, you should prepare for the subject in such a manner that the answers should not go away from your mind.

Apart from these preparation tips, Het also suggests:

  • Focusing on healthy diet and enough sleep
  • Aspirants should not spend sleepless nights; this can weaken their final exam performance
  • They should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day
  • They should sleep for at least 8 hours every night
  • Exercise and meditation should be the part of your routine; it keeps your mind relaxed and focused
  • Frequent short study breaks should an important part of your NEET Study Planner

Is this helpful? Share your thoughts and queries in the comment box below.

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8 replies
  1. Adila Jaleel
    Adila Jaleel says:

    How can i prepare for neet in 3 months? which are the tough chapters that can be excluded? which are the chapters that are to covered up fast without stressing more?

  2. Thrishma
    Thrishma says:

    My friend n myself are worried about cracking NEET… Basically we both are interested in field of medicine N there is considerable peer pressure too..
    We want to know the important Chapters n concepts to be covered up n also perfect mock papers that will help to crack NEET..
    Hoping for a valid n useful reply.. 🙂

    • monksays
      monksays says:

      Hi Thrishma,
      Below are the most important chapters of PCB you can refer:
      Physics Chapters:
      Oscillations And Waves
      Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism
      Electronic Devices
      Laws of Motion
      Heat and Thermodynamics

      Chemistry Chapters:
      Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles And Techniques
      Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure
      Coordination Compounds
      p-block Elements
      Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids
      Redox Reactions
      Chemical Kinetics

      Biology Chapters:
      1. The Living World
      1. Biological Classification
      7. Principles Of Inheritance And Variation
      7. Molecular Basis Of Inheritance
      5. Chemical Control And Integration
      3. Cell
      6. Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
      4. Photosynthesis
      8. Microbes in Human Welfare
      2. Anatomy of Flowering Plants
      10. Environmental Issues
      1. Plant Kingdom
      2. Morphology In Flowering Plants

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      All the best!


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