5 Things to Avoid Doing on MHT CET Exam Day

A lot of students appear for different competitive and entrance exams each year. Panic attacks, tension to score well and stress to get into the best institute are the factors that results in a student’s failure. While these are the common reasons, there are also some of the lesser known causes. In this article StudMonk lists down the top 5 mistakes that students commit on the exam day. Here, we will consider MHT CET as our example exam.

Mistakes to be avoided on MHT CET 2017 Exam Day

About 3 lakh candidates from Maharashtra state appeared for MHT CET engineering entrance exam 2016. As per a leading national daily, out of this whooping number of candidates who appeared for this exam, only 46,797 students managed to get eligible for the admission. Do you know the reason?

A survey report claims that while most students fail to qualify an exam due to pressure and anxiety, there are also ones who ruin their exam paper due to lack of proper planning and time management strategy. Go through the below list of mistakes you should avoid on MHT CET exam day.

Hurry to solve the paper

This is one of the many reasons why a student fail to achieve his/her dream score. They are in hurry to solve the question that they tend to make mistakes, thereby losing the valuable marks.

In MHT CET, NEET and other entrance exams too, the question papers are distributed at least 10-15 minutes before the exam starts. Students should take advantage of this time. Firstly, they should read the MHT CET question paper thoroughly to understand the pattern and questions.

Do's and Don't's on MHT CET Exam Day

Do’s and Don’t’s on MHT CET Exam Day

Taking a quick tour of the entire question paper helps you decide which questions to solve first. Once identified, students should divide the questions in three different categories – easy, medium and tough.

As per experts, students should always attempt easy questions first, and difficult ones in the end. Solving easy questions first may boost their confidence; whereas attempting tough ones might also reduce your confidence.

Lack of time management

Students fail to allocate the time for each question in the exam paper. This generally results in their failure.

Time management plays a vital role in achieving any goal/target. As mentioned above, solve easy questions first and leave the difficult ones for end. This is because if you take tough questions in the start it might consume more than half of your total time. In this case you may end up losing marks on the easy questions too due to lack of time to attempt those. So, plan your time wisely! How?

Allocate time for each question depending on:

  • Weightage to the question
  • Type of the question
  • Whether it needs graphic or diagrams

Solving the question paper without proper planning

Generally, students just read the question and start solving immediately. If you know the answer, that’s good! But still spend at least few seconds in reading the understanding the question because sometimes a simply looking questions involves multiple questions in it. Therefore, spare some seconds and read it carefully. Think about the points you feel are important to be covered in the answer. Read the question carefully, because this will help you prevent from unfavorable situations like:

  • Recognizing you missed something that was important and should have been included in the start
  • Mixing one answer with another
  • Realizing in between that you understood the question incorrectly

Panic and Stress

Tension leads to many blunders in the exam paper. It is important to keep your mind cool and calm while attempting the test paper. If you are unable to control your anxiety, breathe in and out for few minutes and think about how after passing the exam you will get into your dream institute and fulfill your career desires. It helps!

Forgetting to attempt the unanswered questions

Uniquely, it is observed that students, sometimes, mark a question to be answered later and end up forgetting to attempt it. In such case, they are advised to highlight the question they have left for the end. This will act as a reminder to them that they have unattended question(s).

All the best! 🙂

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