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In 2016, nearly 4 lakh candidates appeared for MHT CET. Out of this huge number about 46,797 managed to be eligible for admission in engineering colleges of Maharashtra. Are you aware of the reason? No! Stress was not the only reason. Surprisingly, a lot of them failed due to lack of proper planning. All of these students either did not have a study plan or even if they had it wasn’t followed.

A huge drop in the number of qualified students shows the importance of proper planning and time management during preparation and final exam day. In order to maximize the time spent on preparation and practice, you should have a well-framed study plan with you.

Aspirants targeting MHT CET should follow expert created MHT CET 2017 Study Planner.  A planner helps you evenly distribute time for studying, revision and practice, giving you more scope for frequent study breaks.

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Why should I have a MHT CET 2017 Study Planner?

MHT CET 2017 Study Planner

MHT CET 2017 Study Planner

Following a time table for exam preparation looks like a burden for many students. Whenever they are asked to create a study plan, they have a question in their mind – why should I have a study plan? Explained below are the reasons:

  • Helps you balance your time between study and revision/practice
  • Helps you prepare along with timely study breaks
  • Divides your time evenly for every subject
  • Gives you a sense of direction, thereby eliminating confusion
  • Inculcates the sense of regular studies and revision thus completing syllabus on time that in turn reduces the stress

We understand the importance of planned and structured preparation for entrance exams, hence have come up with last 6 month study planner for MHT CET 2017. Students can download the MHT CET 2017 Study Planner for last 6 month below.

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