Last 6 Month NEET 2017 Study Plan

We all know clearing NEET is tough, considering its vast syllabus and tough marking scheme. However, it is definitely possible to qualify this medical entrance exam with little smart work. Primarily, create a NEET 2017 Study Plan and follow it regularly.

Why should I create a NEET 2017 Study Plan?

A study plan is an important tool that helps students allocate time for study, revision and practice. A study plan makes you more organized, and encourages you to complete the preparation on time without constant reminders.

If you have a well-framed study plan you will know how much time to be dedicated for which chapter and on which day. This will minimize time wastage, as every day you don’t have to think where should I start from?

Below is the last 6 month NEET 2017 Study Plan to do more in less time. Students can download the study plan for NEET 2017 from below and follow it regularly for better results.


If you want to create a personalized study plan for NEET, you can do that by following four simple steps mentioned below:

  • Create a time table for your current activities. This time plan will help you decide days and times that are consistent every week that you can use for NEET preparation

    Download NEET 2017 Study Plan

    NEET 2017 Study Plan – Download Now!

  • After knowing the days and times for studying, mark that in your calendar. You can devote specific days and time for a particular subject. For instance, you can devote Monday and Tuesday for Physics, Wednesday and Thursday for Chemistry and Friday and Saturday for Biology. Whereas, Sundays can be utilized for taking topic-wise NEET Mock Tests
  • Determine your overall study goals. Based on these goals you can also alter the number of times and hours to be devoted for a particular subject or chapter. For instance, there is an upcoming test your classes, so to clear that test will be your short time goal and hence you can modify your plan accordingly for that test
  • Follow your NEET time table religiously every day. Because that will help you tremendously in reaching your end goal

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8 replies
  1. Fatima
    Fatima says:

    Can you please help me with the last 4 month plan for Neet 2017?
    Its tough to handle coaching and self study.
    Should I finish Bio syllabus beforehand and keep chem amd phy for 2-3 months?

    • monksays
      monksays says:

      Hi Fatima,
      You can refer our NEET Study Plan for last 4 months. You can finish Bio first, if it’s your strength. However, keep revising all the subjects regularly to get a good hold of it.


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