Know How to Make Revision Notes for MHT CET 2017

While cracking MHT CET or any entrance exam is tough, it is definitely not impossible. One can use the difficult areas in a smart way to their advantage for the desired output. How?

For instance, if you are facing any problem with a particular chapter or topic of MHT CET, don’t leave it! Try to break that topic into smaller chunks and create revision notes. Breaking a bigger chapter into pointers will make your task much easy.

While preparing for MHT CET you should create personal notes that can be referred in the last minute of few hours before the exam. This is because few days or hours before the final exams nobody has time to go through those huge MHT CET study material. During that time only short notes works the best!

In the below post we’ll explain you how to make revision notes for MHT CET 2017. Read on

Tips to Create Revision Notes for MHT CET

While there is no standard format for creating a personal revision notes, you should take certain points into consideration to make the most of your notes.

No decoration, no jazz

When we say personal notes, we strictly mean ‘personal.’ Things which we keep for our reference we don’t tend to invest too much time on it to make it presentable. Similarly, don’t put your efforts and time on decorating these notes. Instead, keep it clean and understandable. Your revision notes for MHT CET should be such that the next time you refer it, you should be able to understand everything written on it.

It’s a note, don’t make it a book

Most students copy complete formula or theory in their notes, thereby making it appear like a study material/book. Don’t do it! Instead, note down the tricks and short cuts explained by teachers in the classes. Running notes are always the best ones for revision and remembering important points.

Tips to Make Revision Notes for MHT CET 2017

Tips to Make Revision Notes for MHT CET 2017

Don’t give it a professional touch

Yes, please don’t waste your time in giving it a professional look. These notes will be for your reference; you are not going to present it to somebody. In fact we encourage you to create notes in the language you understand well. You can use some shortcuts or slang, that’s perfectly fine as long as you get the idea well.

No thesis, write to the point

Revision notes has to short and simple. It should be to the point; don’t write long sentences and paragraphs and complicate things. Notes, usually implies to creating a list of important points. The idea is to make learning interesting yet easy.

The notes can be created in any form viz. sticky notes, chits or on a book. If you are using a book, jot down the important points for your understanding. Because if you don’t note, in few days you may forget what you have studied.

Happy making your revision notes for MHT CET! 🙂

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  1. vyankateshmunde
    vyankateshmunde says:

    is MH CET engineering held next year……can anybody give me information about next year mhcet……..???? plzzz reply soon

    • monksays
      monksays says:

      Hi Vyankatesh,
      MH CET was conducted for medical admission. It is scrapped now. From the year 2016 onwards, candidates will have to appear for NEET to get admission for BDS and MBBS courses in Indian medical colleges.

      MHT CET is a Maharashtra state engineering entrance exam. This will be continued as it is.

      Hope this clears your doubt.


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