NEET 2017: Know the things to do before, on, during and after the exam

A lot have already been written about time management tips on the web. While a lot of sites have spoken about how to manage time on the exam day, rarely anybody has mentioned about the tips to be followed before and during the exam. In this article we will tell you just that! Read on to know what to do before the exam, how to manage time for NEET 2017 during the exam, things to do after the exam.

Things to do Before, On, During and After NEET 2017

A lot of students, despite of perfect preparation fail to perform on the exam. The reason being lack of time management skills. They fail to bifurcate the time in hand correctly.

If you are targeting NEET 2017, follow the essential tips mentioned below to finish the exam paper successfully on time.

Before the exam

Few days before the exam you should stop worrying about the performance and focus more on your health. A fit body and mind can turn the impossible into possible. Below are the things you should do before NEET 2017:

  • Practise using sample papers or mock tests of NEET
  • Eat healthy, avoid junk food. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is mandatory to keep your body hydrated
  • Take proper sleep (at least 8 hours), so that you don’t feel lazy during the exam
  • Make sure you have all the essential items viz. NEET 2017 Admit Card, Pen & Pencil, Identity Card and other documents as mandated by CBSE
  • Relax and go through the do’s and don’ts of NEET and ensure you follow those.

    NEET 2017 Tips

    NEET 2017 Tips

On the exam day

Now this is important. Read on what you should do on the day of final exam.

  • Reach at least 30 minutes before at your exam centre
  • Check your seat and room number. The list may be tucked at the entrance of the centre
  • Don’t involve yourself in any group discussions. Keep your mind fresh
  • Don’t try to study or go through any new topic as well. It may lead of confusion

During the exam

Yes, pay special attention to this. It will help you a lot in keep yourself positive throughout the exam duration.

  • Take your seat and relax
  • Once the question paper is allotted, read it carefully before you start writing the paper
  • Avoid writing anything on the question paper; it may be treated as copy
  • Pre-decide time for answering each question in the paper. This can be done by dividing all the questions into easy, medium and tough category. The time can also be decided as per the marks it carries
  • Start with easy questions first
  • Mark the difficult or tricky ones for later. Attempt these questions once you are done with the entire paper
  •  The division of time should be such that in the end you should time for revisiting the paper
  • Before submitting the paper, cross check whether you mentioned the roll number and name correctly.

Post exam

While it is equally important to stay calm and positive after the exam, most of the write-ups don’t discuss the post-exam tips. Here we’ll tell you what to do after you finish the final exam.

  • Keep calm and composed
  • Don’t talk or discuss about your exam with anybody
  • Don’t feel down even if your exam didn’t go well. It is not the end of the world, there is always a second chance
  • Involve yourself in your hobbies or things you love doing.

It is utmost important to manage time properly for NEET because you have limited time to complete the paper. Moreover, you also need to stay self-motivated for the finals since if you lose confidence nobody will be able to help you.

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