Do you have nightmares about forgetting everything right in the middle of the MHT CET examination? If yes, you are not alone! Many students face the issue of not being able to recall mathematical formulas, chemical equations, physics derivations and other important pieces of information they learnt thoroughly while studying.

It is simple to understand that human brain works by replicating things, when we command it to recall memories. To ensure that your brain functions that way, here are some memory retention ideas that must be consolidated with MHT CET preparation tips.

Top 7 MHT CET Preparation Tips

Given below are some of the smart  Preparation Tips for MHT CET 2017 that will help you qualify the exam with good marks. Read on.

Prepare Your Brain

Free your brain from all types of commitments, stresses, and desires before you start MHT CET preparations. An early morning walk (preferably barefoot over grass), regular yoga or meditation sessions, as well as participation in games, are few ways to service your brain and make it ready for memory building exercise. Don’t mind planning a small trip or partying with your close friends before the preparations start to make it a joyful beginning.

Select the Best Studying Schedule

Needless to say, there are few hours of the day when your brain picks things faster and is able to reproduce them more efficiently when required. One of the most important MHT CET preparation tips is to schedule the study time and stick to it religiously. 2-3 hours in the morning, about 2 hours post breakfast, 2-3 hours post a power nap in the evening and 1 hour at night make a good schedule. Analyze which parts of the day must be devoted to which subjects and topics.

MHT CET Preparation Tips

MHT CET Preparation Tips

Learn in the Best Possible Environment

Whenever you prepare for MHT CET, make sure that devote 100% attention towards the stuff you learn. Choose the calmest area of your home, make arrangements to filter out all types of noises and stay away from the distracting factors like television, the internet, and mobile phones. Place flowers, candles, fragrances or anything that help to build focus. This would allow the brain to grab as well as retain things much better.

Adopt the Art of Visualizing

Brain reproduces pictures and visuals far better than texts. But, not everything is described visually in textbooks and study materials. Successful students offering MHT CET preparation tips suggest making it a habit of writing down things in a way that you find convenient to learn and let the entire ‘map’ get absorbed by the brain cells. You would definitely be able to recall the visuals when solving the paper.

Learn Keywords

Rather than trying to learn big text chunks, pick up the most important keywords. Now these keywords would turn into dots connecting which you would be able to recall things.

Regular Revisions

This is the most important of all MHT CET preparation tips. Pay attention towards revisions, the good old approach of enhancing brain’s competency in retention. Devote more revision time for topics that you tend to forget or find hard to recall. For this you can make MHT CET Revision Notes; it works best. You can revise by taking chapter based mock tests for MHT CET or solving previous year question papers.

A Productive Lifestyle Matters

  • Sleep adequately to let your brain take proper rest
  • Listen to light music to help brain cells relax
  • Watch what you eat. Never skip breakfasts
  • Take breaks, exercise and have healthy conversations with people around

While these MHT CET preparation tips would enhance retention, it is important that your brain is free from unnecessary burdens and anxieties regarding future. Give the best shot and you would definitely reap benefits out of the efforts you put in.

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