How, When, And Where To Start Preparation for MHT CET?

The ideal time to start your preparation for MHT CET varies from student to student. But it’s a good idea to brush through the topics or take mock MCQ tests based on MHT CET pattern early on. As soon as you start your 11th standard, go through the study modules for MHT CET and check out the topics.

You can devote 3-4 hours a week to understanding the way the questions are asked, or to check where you stand with respect to fundamentals, concepts, and time management while solving the questions.

When Is The Right Time To Start Preparation For MHT CET 2017?

The full-fledged preparation for MHT CET should begin a month after your 11th standard exams get over. Give yourself a breather, take the break that your body needs, and delve into the world of competition and academics. The summer break is the time when you do not have classes and tests in school, and you can devote your undivided attention to mastering the MHT CET concepts, understanding patterns, and solving the papers.

How to Start Preparing?


Preparation for MHT CET

You must figure out the answer to this during the warming up stage of your MHT CET preparations. Earlier in this post, I had recommended trying your hands at MHT CET previous year papers and patterns during the academic year of 11th standard. You must also try to ask around for book recommendations for each of the subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Math/Bio. Try to find out good classes in your vicinity and match their subject strengths with your weaknesses. Your aim to attend tuition should be to strengthen your concepts in those subjects in which you are not performing that well. So ascertain these things before you begin your preparation in all earnest.

Once you begin preparing 11-12 hours a day, you would not want to be hassled with questions like are XYZ classes better than the one I am attending, or should I join classes? Of course, it is never too late to make any decision – if you realize later that you need to join physics classes to perform better, go ahead and enroll yourself. But it is always advisable to use the time in 11th standard to sort out these queries.

Where to Start Preparing?

That’s an interesting question. The initial and effective options are classroom and tuition. Attend classes and refer to the right books. No, don’t be in a hurry to flock to the internet. The information overload on the internet might confuse you. Rather than relying on search engines as the very first resort, you could do well to install a dedicated app to help you with MHT CET preparation.

Apps have myriads of features such as exam tips, MCQ challenges among users, mentoring from alumni, and a rich question bank of 1000+ questions across different subjects and topics. The apps are also useful for studying while traveling. You could target solving 10 random questions, and answering one full fledged subject paper in 30 minutes while traveling from one point to another. After all, the app works like flash cards or sticky notes that you put up in the places you visit most frequently so that you keep revising your concepts.

Follow these points to start your preparation for MHT CET 2017, and remember it is always advisable to start early, and work smartly.

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