Importance of Mobile Apps for NEET 2017 Preparation

You spend maximum time with your gadgets. Do you know that you can use your smartphone for NEET 2017 preparation as well? Read on to know how.

The Best Way to Prepare – Use Mobile Apps for NEET & MHT CET

The best way to prepare for NEET 2017 would be to go through yesteryear’s test papers of AIPMT and MHT CET. Another good option would be to attempt questions now and then to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. This is the best way to judge your level of knowledge and preparedness. If you attend tuition or coaching, it would be a great idea to test your understanding of the portion that is being taught at the classes. For example, if Cell Structure and Function is being taught in your class, it would be a good idea to attempt 10 odd questions on the same once you are through with the classes.

You can even do the same while you are traveling back home from your classes. On the move! How?

NEET 2017 Preparation Aided by Apps

There are dedicated student apps that can help you in NEET 2017 preparation on the move. You can attempt a sample question paper or a part of it or one that had been set in the previous year.  These mobile apps for NEET have abundant features like MCQ challenges among users, preparation tips from illustrious alumni apart from a rich repository of past question papers and potential questions across subjects and topics.

Let’s say, you are traveling back home after your classes. While you are in the cab or on the local train, you can attempt a few questions on the subject that were taught in the classes. You can also personalize the questions by choosing the level of difficulty of the questions. As you go deeper into the subject, you can keep on increasing the difficulty level. This way, you can ensure that your NEET 2017 preparation also includes being prepared for some potential ‘surprises’ in the question paper.

Mobile Apps for NEET Preparation

Mobile Apps for NEET Preparation

How Apps Help in NEET Preparation?

You’ve reached home. So, now you have to pause your test. But then, won’t it give fractured results? No worries. You can pause the tests and continue them once you are free to study again. Thus, you get scored based on the actual time taken to complete and not on the time elapsed.

You can also go through the analytics once you’ve finished giving the test. It gives you details like marks scored and time taken to solve the questions. All the questions have detailed solutions so that you can check whether your logic in answering the question was correct. After all, you have docked marks for wrong answers!

You may say that going on search engines may help. The information clutter and overdose on the internet might confuse you rather than helping you in your NEET 2017 preparation. Why not try the dedicated smartphone android apps for NEET 2017 preparation  

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