Relax! You Are In The Midst Of Your NEET Preparation

If you read about high-level performers like sportsmen, actors, or dancers, you will find one thing common in them when they are preparing for their big live-on-stage performance. They all feel like they have butterflies in their stomach. But in spite of it, they manage to relax.

Consider the NEET exam preparation as your big live-on-stage performance. It is a gateway to a bright future for you in the medical field. You are bound to be a trifle tense and anxious about how you can prepare for the D-day. Now, what happens when you are tense and anxious? You tend to tighten up and your brains go into a freeze mode. You seem to be studying hard, but nothing seems to register. You are cramming yourself with knowledge but are not sure as to whether you can replicate all of that correctly when the time comes to do so. This can lead to further worries and nervousness and sub-optimal performance in your tests. Here, we will give you some relaxation tips during your NEET preparation.

Start Your NEET Preparation Study Schedule with a Ritual

It can be as minor or small as breathing in and out 2-3 times just before you open your books or use the computer or an app for the first time during the day. Deep breathing is known to relax your muscles and unclog your brain cells. It can help channelize all your energies towards the task on hand.

NEET Preparation

NEET Preparation

Start Your Studies with a Cursory Glance at What You Did the Day Before

A quick glance at the portion or syllabus that you went through the day before will motivate you. How? Since most of what you studied would be familiar, you can get a psychological boost just before you start your day. Your confidence would be better going into an unknown chapter or portion. Diving headlong into a new subject may lead to some roadblocks. Roadblocks early on in the day may be disappointing.

Read In Small Installments

Whilst going through the study material for NEET preparation, read in smaller installments. Digest what you have read before you move on. If need be, write down some key points separately. This way, your brain can process things in a faster and better manner.

Study in Small Chunks

Don’t be involved in a studython for hours together. Study in smaller chunks, like for instance 1-2 hours and then take a small 10-minute break. Just take a walk in the corridor or the garden. Don’t watch TV or latch on to your smartphone chat screen if it distracts you totally. Know the preparation style of Het Shah, AIR 1, NEET 2016.

Regularly Attempt Test Papers

Download NEET preparation app  on your smartphone and end your study session by attempting some test papers. Research has shown that if you utilize whatever you study immediately, it stays in your memory for a longer time.

Keep Aside Some Time during the Day for Pursuing a Hobby or Playing a Sport

Spend a couple of hours early morning or late evenings for a hobby or sport that will help you unwind. It is important that you engage in an activity that will allow you that adrenaline rush which is important for healthy blood circulation. It also helps in relaxing the tension in your neck and back muscles that may have stiffened up.

Remember if you worry, nothing can come out of it; but if you relax, your results can show something that you can be proud of. Study hard, but don’t forget to relax. It is equally important.

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