Can I Clear MHT CET without Joining Coaching Class?

Most of the aspirants come across this question. It’s natural! While a good number of students opt for coaching classes to clear MHT CET, there are also those who prefer studying on their own for different reasons.

In this article we will list down the different advantages and disadvantages of joining coaching classes for MHT CET preparation.

Can I score high without going coaching class?

Entrance exams like MHT CET, NEET/AIPMT, JEE and others have vast syllabus and huge competition. One need to work really smart to get their dream score in these exams. Students should prepare thoroughly to get through this exam. A strong base is very much required in this case.

Let’s take an example to find answer to whether or not you should join coaching class for MHT CET/NEET preparation.

Case Study 1:

Sachin is preparing for MHT CET without joining coaching classes. Whereas Sangita has joined a renowned coaching institute to clear MHT CET with good marks. Now let’s see the benefits of Sachin and Sangita’s decision.

Clear MHT CET without Coaching Class

Clear MHT CET without Coaching Class

Advantages of Sachin’s Self Study

  • Sachin gets more time for MHT CET preparation, because he has opted for self-study over tuition. Therefore he is saving time on travelling, and the same he is utilizing for revision and practice.
  • He has the freedom of studying anytime anywhere therefore he have time for social affairs too.
  • Self-study saves his energy, as he don’t have to travel in crowded buses and walk through busy streets to reach the coaching institute. That’s the reason he is always fresh and never bored of studying.

Advantages of Sangita’s Coaching Class to Clear MHT CET

  • Sangita gets a competitive study circle which pushes her limit and she start performing regularly at tests
  • Her performance is monitored throughout the year by a field expert, this way she will never lose her way
  • She gets class notes and frequent guidance and feedback, which will help her know how prepared she is for the exam

Now that we know the advantages of both these options, let’s check the cons of it.

Disadvantages of Sachin’s Self Study to Clear MHT CET

  • Sachin will miss out on the weekly tests prepared and conducted by expert professors and their valuable feedback which acts as a great score booster
  • As he is relying on self-study, he will not have the advantages of group studies, expert assistance and advice

Disadvantages of Sangita’s Coaching Class

  • Sangita gets less time for revision and practice as most of her time goes in travelling all the way to the tuition
  • She may not have social life as most of her time gets exhausted in lectures, class tests etc.
  • She may have problem in understanding the topic, if the teacher is more on rhetoric and less on substance
  • Offline coaching classes is relatively expensive

So, is it possible to clear MHT CET without coaching?

Yes! You can, if you promise yourself to study religiously. For this you need to create a study planner for MHT CET that is realistic and practically sound. However, we don’t completely recommend self-study as it lacks expert guidance. We suggest you take online coaching for MHT CET/NEET as it is relatively cheaper, time saving and of course have the advantage of expert feedback and assistance.

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