How Test Series Helps in Improving Your Entrance Exam Performance?

Students have already started preparing for Entrance Exam like NEET/AIPMT or MHT CET exam 2017. Some might have even finished a substantial portion and are gearing up for periodic revisions. One of the most effective ways to revise the syllabus and also measure your performance level is to attempt test series on a regular basis.

Test series are mock examinations designed on the same pattern as the target exam such as IIT JEE, or MHT CET 2017, or similar entrance exam. The difficulty level of the questions, the pattern of questions, the marking scheme, and the allotted time are kept identical as this allows the student to get a hands on experience of solving the test.

How does it help in revision? Of course, when you check the key and solve the questions you did not get right, you are brushing up on your concepts, and aligning your thinking pattern to the thinking pattern of the test makers. The experts and the test-toppers cannot emphasize the importance of test series in improving the entrance exam performance.

Here are a few tips on how you can use the test – series more effectively to score high in the entrance exam:

Decide the Entrance Exam Test Schedule

Taking test series regularly trains your mind to pay attention to the time limit and also form a strategy around solving the paper so as to maximize the score. However, try to balance the mock tests with the study time. Solving test series for MHT CET is a part of the overall preparation and not a substitute for studying/acquiring conceptual knowledge.

As the trend goes, you can start taking test series once you have covered substantial syllabus in all the three subjects. Try taking 2 tests a week from the time you are four months away from the entrance exam.

Benefits of Mock Test for Entrance Exam Preparation

Benefits of Mock Test for Entrance Exam Preparation

Solve the Key Thoroughly

Taking test series is not as time-consuming as solving the test-key. But that is where the bulk of knowledge lies. Overall time taken to solve the NEET mock test is also important. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Solve every question on the test series wisely
  • If possible, check the time you take to solve individual questions on the test.
  • Timing individual questions helps you determine where you are losing time.
  • Check the key for the right answers and optimum solutions.
  • Congratulate yourself, if you have a more streamlined solution for a question in comparison to the key.

Challenge Your Peers

Test series provide a great scope for individual improvement. But at the same time, taking tests in a group and comparing the ranks develops a healthy competition spirit and motivates you to do better. You also realize how important it is to work on your weak areas because once you have mastered your weaker concepts, you can improve your score/ranking significantly.

You can also perform better if the competition is on a larger scale. Signing up for one of the best entrance exam preparation apps can also help you have a better self-evaluation as you have an exposure to unlimited tests. Signing up for test series in a group that comprises students from different parts of the country allows to you measure/predict your entrance exam performance vis-à-vis other aspirants.

Entrance exams such as NEET, IIT JEE, and BITSAT etc. are conducted on the national level, so nation-wide percentile in mock test series can help to build your confidence and give you an idea about national rankings.

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