Online Coaching or Offline Coaching – Which Is Best For MHT CET?

There is a plethora of options available for MHT CET 2017 preparation. Ranging from offline coaching, online coaching, and on-the-go mobile assessment apps, students are replete with choices.

Now the question is which is the preferable entrance exam preparation option for MHT CET? Given below is a quick comparison between online coaching and offline coaching that covers the salient points of the available options.

Personal v/s Personalized MHT CET 2017 Preparation

Teachers and tutors in offline coaching centres are able to pay personal attention to the candidates and solve their problems with a focus on strengthening their weaker concepts. Trainers in good coaching centres have years of experience in MHT CET preparation and are able to use their expertise to make sure that the students score better in the entrance exam.

Online coaching offers personalized preparation in the sense that the test and materials adapt themselves to the skills and scores of the candidate. At the same time, irrespective of the number of student members enrolled on the app or the website, everyone has the option to get content customized according to their test needs and conceptual requirements.

Online or Offline Coaching: Which is Best for MHT CET 2017

Online or Offline Coaching: Which is Best for MHT CET 2017?

Peer Study Groups

Offline coaching centres provide an environment for peer study groups which have proven to be beneficial while preparing for MHT CET 2017 and other entrance examinations. Peer study group discussions stimulate critical thinking and make learning fun and interesting. Even the online communities present the advantages of peer learning, but not all web-based coaching solutions provide that option.

Interactive Learning Solutions for MHT CET 2017

Online coaching centres have an edge over offline coaching because the online websites provide interactive learning mechanism that engages students continuously. It is a much better approach to one-way classroom instructions such as lectures, and memorization of theorems, formulae, and other information. This is one reason why app based assessment solutions for MHT CET have become popular among the young aspirants because these are interactive in nature and keep the students engaged.

Remote Location v/s Home – Based Learning

Students in tier II cities are often at a loss because of lack of good coaching institutes in their location. Online coaching and MHT CET preparation apps solve this problem by bringing latest MHT CET preparation material to them right on their computer screen. Even the aspirants living in metropolitan cities find it difficult to spend time and energy on commuting to coaching centres, especially when the exam is less than a month away. That time, nothing beats the charm of home-based learning with every possible preparation tip just a click away.

As is evident from above discussion, there is no definite choice between offline coaching and online coaching. To do better in competitive exams, one must devise a mixed-method approach whereby one can combine the best that the web has to offer with what the tutor teaches in the classroom.

Moreover, the choice between offline and online coaching varies from one student to another. Some of them prefer studying alone, while others are able to focus more in groups.

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