Self-Study Or Coaching: Which Is The Right Medium To Prepare For NEET?

Which is the best way to prepare for NEET? – This question is a no-brainer because eventually, you only have to know and decide what works the best for you. However, to help you make a judicious choice, we present you a comparative analysis of the both ways of learning.

While coaching centres present practiced ways of dealing with a concept or question, they definitely restrict out-of-the-box thinking to some extent. Self-study helps you to focus, and saves time and energy on commuting, waiting, and going over and over the concepts you already know. But wait! You need to consider that self-study might isolate you, whereas coaching centres facilitate peer interaction and competitive assessment.

Let’s look at some of the important factors that influence the choice.

Coaching Provides Systematic and Latest Curriculum

Coaching centres have absolutely streamlined process of NEET 2017 preparation. At the time of enrollment itself, you get the set of latest books and syllabus, preparatory timetable, test series schedule, and everything that you need to prepare and score well in the competitive examination.

Self-study process could be a hit and trial process where you may end up investing a lot of time in trying to figure out books, important concepts, etc. However, if you have your heart set on self-study for NEET 2017, make sure you sign up with app-based assessments available in the market today. These assessment modules help you judge your relative ranking with respect to the other app-users who are also preparing for NEET. This gives you an idea of where you stand, the time you take to solve the NEET mock tests, and also identify your conceptual strengths and weaknesses.

Self-study or Coaching: Which is right to prepare for NEET?

Self-study or Coaching: Which is right to prepare for NEET?

Coaching Can Be Expensive and Time Consuming to Prepare for NEET

Coaching centres have become second classrooms or let’s say have overtaken traditional classrooms in terms of the number of students in a batch. However, if your coaching centre is located far from home, you might end up spending sufficient time in commuting to and fro from the place.

At the same time, these IIT-JEE, MHT CET, and NEET 2017 preparation centres can be very expensive. If self-study is a viable option, given the fact that most of the concepts and theories are covered in the 11th and 12th board exams, why invest so much money on coaching centres?

NEET Coaching Trends vs. Self – Confidence of NEET Aspirants

Many aspirants and families had complained earlier about the rising tuition fee for NEET coaching, in response to which the government had offered to set up coaching facility for students who will appear in the NEET phase 2 exams. At the same time, going by the trends for others exams such as IIT-JEE, it was reported that almost 52% students selected in 2016 had opted for self-study. Another report by a leading coaching institute claimed that most of the students selected for NEET in the top 10 had prepared at a coaching centre.

The idea is that do not go by what the trends are. If everybody in your peer group is attending classes, that does not mean you have to do so as well. If you believe self-study is good for NEET 2017 as far as you are concerned, go for it. Just make sure you supplement it with regular test series for NEET 2017 and modern day online app assessments so that you know where you stand.  

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