Tips & Tricks for Droppers to Prepare for NEET 2017

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is governed by the CBSE Board. It is one of the toughest competitive tests for students who seek admission into different medical courses, including MBBS and BDS (dental course). In fact, NEET is the only medical entrance examination organized for admission in different medical courses and a large number of students appear for this test. It is very important to prepare for NEET properly to crack it. With the help of some simple tips and tricks, students can prepare for NEET easily.

Even students who’ve dropped out from NEET earlier can also re-appear for this examination and score good points.

Trust the tips to crack NEET 2017 from the experts and go ahead with your preparation in a focused manner. Listed below are tips for sure-fire success with NEET.

Tip #1: Prepare for NEET as per the Syllabus and Guidelines

Before you prepare for NEET, you should gather detailed information related to the official syllabus for NEET. You can then compare the total NEET 2017 exam syllabus with the board syllabus and plan your study time accordingly. It would give you some extra hours to concentrate on your syllabus that is not covered by the board. However, do not waste your time on topics that are not included in the syllabus.

How should a dropper prepare for NEET 2017?

How should a dropper prepare for NEET 2017?

There are 3 main subjects for NEET preparation:

  1. Biology: Read your theory books and get some additional study material like Trueman’s Elementary Biology and Companion Biology by K. Bhatti. You can also read Objective Biology by Dinesh, Trueman’s Objective Biology and MTG Publication’s AIIMS Explorer.
  2. Physics: Besides your study curriculum, read books by HC Verma and NCERT Physics: CBSE PMT by Anil Agarwal.
  3. Chemistry: Physical Chemistry for Medical Entrance by O.P Tandon is perfect for theory. Objective Chemistry by Arihant Publications is a good choice.

In addition, you should also follow previous years question papers of NEET/AIPMT to get familiar with the test pattern, question type and difficulty level.

Tip #2: Prepare a Study Schedule

Students should have a good study schedule, or time-table, for their NEET preparation. Plan your schedule in such a way so that there are no long hours of study period. Include frequent intervals between study hours so that your mind is not blocked. Once you follow a schedule, it would make it easier to maintain your time and cover the entire syllabus.

Tip #3: Work A Bit Extra on Your Weaker Subjects and Prioritize

Students have weaknesses. As a candidate preparing for NEET, you should focus more on the weaker topics. Do not avoid the weaker areas as it might weaken your preparation. Try to prioritize topics according to importance and the level of your merit. The sooner you start preparing; the better it would give you ample time to revise the weaker topics and prepare.

Tip #4: Evaluate Your Work

Your preparation is incomplete without proper evaluation. Always make it a point to evaluate your performance based on your preparation. Do it regularly. Evaluation is also a part of your revision, which gives you a glimpse of your preparation and concepts. Take mock tests, solve old question papers, take tests with your friends, and follow tips of your seniors. In this way, it would be easier to cover almost all topics.

Tip #5: Stay Healthy

When you are preparing for NEET, make sure you take good care of your health. Obviously, your study schedule would involve long hours and late nights, which can affect your health. But, you should always aim to eat well, take frequent breaks, avoid junk food, exercise or walk a little, and practice yoga or meditation for improved concentration.

With all these tips, preparation for NEET won’t be difficult for the coming year. Wish you all the best!

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  1. ammu
    ammu says:

    hi ma’am
    pls help me.
    am really depressed abt neet 2017
    as am from tamilnadu the NEET syllabus is totally diffrnt for us.
    am taking classes in aakash as repeater
    how to get good rank in neet.pls help me.

  2. seemon
    seemon says:

    Hi ma’am i am seemon
    I am a dropper..
    I joined an institute but i was not getting proper guidance so i left the institute
    I have all the packages of Allen and BMC
    I am a MP board student
    And i haven’t solved any numerical in my life
    Plz guide me

    • monksays
      monksays says:

      Hi Seemon,
      Firstly, don’t stress yourself. Be positive.
      You can practise for the exam using our app – StudMonk. It’s free. It has more than 30,000+ test questions which will give you good practise for the final exam.

      All the best!


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