MHT CET Preparation – Tips to Memorize Formulas

Competitive tests are difficult and of course involve understanding too many concepts with formulas involved in many chapters, thus creating confusion among students. Are you preparing for MHT CET 2017? If yes, it is obvious that you need to memorize a lot of formulas to crack this tough examination.

Students generally think of hard work and dedication and, of course, coaching classes, when it comes to having the right formulas in place. However, that’s not all you need to clear such a competitive test like MHT CET.

MHT CET is amongst the toughest examinations for students aspiring to become professionals. Simply referring to multiple study materials and books cannot really help you to score a good rank. In order to crack this test, you need the ultimate MHT CET 2017 preparation formula that would help you perform well.

Whenever you sit with the study material, you might as well get bored seeing the same formula and equations time and again. With a plethora of formulas to memorize in the MHT CET 2017 syllabus, it’s usually difficult for students to remember everything correctly. However, if you follow some time-tested proven tricks and strategies to remember the same, you would be able to use those formulas very easily to crack MHT CET 2017.

Tips to Memorize Formulas for MHT CET 2017

Tips to Memorize Formulas for MHT CET 2017

Make Formulas Easy and Fun – Unfailing Strategies for MHT CET 2017

  • Create your formula reference book: Sticky notes can be a fun way to remember all the equations and formulas for your MHT CET 2017 preparation. Write down all the suggested formulas in a reference book and keep it safe. To make it even easier to memorize those formulas, you can prepare different sections for different subjects like Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. As a smart move, you can create sticky notes and paste it on the walls of your bedroom. In fact, these notes play a key role in MHT CET 2017 preparation as well as last minute revision.
  • Make formulas fun to learn and remember: In order to make sure it becomes easier to learn and understand the formulas, you should write the equations in bold, big letters. In this way, it would be visible to you as soon as you enter your room. You can also colour those formulas just to differentiate. This can also be a great help to remember formulas during MHT CET test.
  • Start visualizing formulas: Whilst it may sound like an impossible ordeal, mental visualization can make a lot of difference. Scientists have revealed that memorising becomes easy with closed eyes. It allows you to check whether or not you remember the formula. You can also try to close your eyes and remember the formula you learnt very recently. Another good way to remember formula is to write it down on a blank paper after taking a couple of hours break from your studies.
  • Revise more often: Just one look at an equation or a formula cannot help you to remember it during your exams. You have to revise the formula regularly during your free hours. To improve your revision, try using sticky notes around the house. Students are fond of the digital world these days. So, you can join any of the MHT CET video lectures online for attractive imagery and graphical depiction of the formulas.
  • Take formula tests: Taking formula tests for MHT CET is another way to prepare for this test. Online test series can be taken regularly to rate yourself. Frequent tests can boost confidence and improve your learning power too.

These aforementioned tips can motivate help you to learn and revise formula in the smartest possible way. Follow these tips during MHT CET 2017 preparation and learn formulas in a jiffy! These are, indeed, the most fun way to memorize equations and formulas and rank high.

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