Tips and Tricks to Study Better and Faster During Competitive Exams

Studying can be stressful at times, especially when you are preparing for a competitive exams. For instance, students preparing for MHT CET 2017 or NEET 2017 often have to undergo a lot of stress due to the pressure of a huge syllabus. However, all you need to excel is a clear conceptual base and honing of skills.

When it comes to MHT CET preparation, or any other competitive exams, it is not possible to suggest one single tool to everyone. The one-size-fits-all format does not suit here as different students have different requirements.

Top 15 Tips for Competitive Exams

Considering that there cannot be just one formula, we have compiled several interesting aspects to help you with your competitive exams. You can use these as NEET 2017 preparation tips or even for MHT CET preparation.

Tip#1: Imagery

Visuals are easier to remember than books. Any image or visually attractive demonstration leaves an impression on the mind of the onlooker. So, if you are struggling to understand a concept or learn a formula, use visualization and imagery as a technique.

Tip#2: Memorize

Well, rote memorization is how experts define it! It is an act of forcing your brain to remember something by repeating it continually. Though not an excellent technique, it may work for some students. Moreover, it works for fact-based study where you have to write facts-for-facts.

Tip#3: Comparative Study

You can also use a metaphor to study as you compare complex ideas to simpler ones. It can give you a deeper sense of understanding, when applied appropriately as suggested. It could be, perhaps, a new way of study.

Tips to Prepare Faster & Better for Competitive Exams

Tips to Prepare Faster & Better for Competitive Exams

Tip#4: Use Acronyms

How about mnemonics? Acronyms can literally simplify any piece of information you have memorized. You can try acronyms for your lessons to see how you can remember and how it works. Although it may not work for everyone, it’s worth trying.

Tip#5: Make Learning Interesting

It is the most obvious thing to you. You would be able to remember information and find more satisfying ideas to relate to. Find different ways in which you can use this piece of information simply beyond getting good grade. Anything that attracts your attention is usually good to go.

Tip#6: Take Frequent Breaks

Well, now you have reason to smile!

Yes, it’s really important to take short breaks between studies. Studying for long hours can create stress, which is an absolute no-no for MHT CET preparation or any competitive exam. You should take an hourly break and even change the study location. It works and allows you to concentrate better.

Tip#7: Learn as much as you can take

Anything done in excess can be harmful. If you try to overlearn, you may not be able to remember anything at the end of the day. Learning is also a field for mastery. So, you should consider learning as much as you want, or you can accept.

Tip#10:  Take a Quiz

Time and again, you can take a quiz to recollect what you’ve studied. To do this, you can take help from your friend who is also appearing for the same test. One of the best NEET preparation tips is to study as a group. In this way, you can discuss ideas and learn from your friends too.

Tip#11: Take a Test

Take AIPMT/NEET mock tests as often as you can. It is one of the best ways to gauge your skills and scope of improvement. A mock test can help you to determine your strengths and weaknesses, which can be polished and refined for better grade.

Tip#12: Workout whenever you can

While your study time gives you mental exercise, your body needs some physical exercise too. So, make some time to workout and be active when you are preparing for MHT CET 2017. Exercise helps to burn out stress and keeps your body and mind perfectly balanced. In addition, it is also a great stress reliever.

Tip#13: Get Ample Rest

For any competitive examination, your body and minds deserves ample rest. So, you have to schedule your study hours in such a way so that it is possible to get complete rest. At least 8 hours of daily sleep is needed for your brain to recover properly.

Tip#14: Eat Well

Absolutely important! Your brain and body goes through a lot of stress when you are preparing for a tough competitive test. So, it is very important for you to eat healthy and nutritious foods that can maintain a perfect balance. Eat more proteins and brain-friendly foods like broccoli, lean protein, dairy products etc.

Tip#15: Prepare a Study Schedule

It is very important to follow a ritual when you are preparing for NEET 2017. So, create a schedule for study and try to follow it as much as you can. Be practical; don’t force yourself to study 18 hours a day.

All the best!

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