10 Things You Should do Before NEET

For a student, an examination is always a cause of tension as there are a lot of things to take care of. Add to it, indirect pressure from family and peer-pressure, which makes it more difficult to concentrate. However, that does not mean nothing can be done! Even students appearing for NEET 2017 or MHT CET 2017 can take a different approach and stay positive.

Only an optimistic approach with channelized efforts can help students to score a higher rank in NEET 2017. Think positive and develop an attitude filled with enthusiasm. In this article, StudMonk brings you some significant yet implementable tips to reduce pressure for entrance exams like NEET and MHT CET 2017 during preparations.

Days before the Final Examination – Routine

#1: Choose a Healthy Meal Plan

It is a proven fact that if you eat healthy, it would have a positive impact on your mental and physical performance. Candidates should avoid all kinds of spicy, fried and fast food. Instead, they should eat healthy items like juices and vegetables, grilled fish, and fruits. Greasy, oily and heavy foods can make you lethargic. Avoid Chinese foods, pizza and coffee completely.

#2: Sleep Well

That’s not what you expect from experts! However, it is true.

Proper sleep is absolutely essential to keep the mind and body fresh. If you overstress the body, it can reduce your cognitive abilities and mental strength significantly. Doctors recommend 8 hours of undisturbed sleep to everyone every day. For students, it is the most important thing. So, sleep early and wake up early.

#3: Revision

Revision is an important phase of study. However, when you are revising topics, do not take up any new notes or topics that you did not cover in the past. It would only lead to a lot of confusion and create a mental block. Rather, spend your time to revise topics, which you studied earlier. Use study notes and revise each and every chapter before your exam. Make proper use of your notes and save your time.

What you should do while preparing for NEET 2017

What you should do while preparing for NEET 2017

#4: Take a Pre-Test for NEET

Because MHT CET and NEET 2017 are both tough entrance exams, you should take a preparation test before the final day. To do this, it is advisable to solve previous year questions and take online mock tests and exercise questions periodically. You can find a lot of resources offering online mock tests for self assessment. It would help you to gauge your level of preparation and improve accordingly.

#5: Remain Fit Mentally and Physically

Fitness is not just limited to your physical health. Before an entrance test, you should be mentally fit as well. Exercise regularly to keep your body and mind fit and fine. In addition, you should also develop the habit of meditation, which can keep your body and mind stable. It can improve concentration and keep you focused as well. A 30-40 minutes of daily yoga is usually recommended by doctors.  

#6: Have all Your Essentials in Place

Before the final exam, make sure you are ready with all the essential items to appear for the exam. For example, your admit card, pens and pencils, wrist watch, water bottle, and others.

#7: Keep a Positive Frame of Mind

Positivity is something that you have to develop on your own. Your thoughts can affect your scores directly. Even the most well prepared student may fail to give his best performance in the exam hall because of fear and negativity. Candidates should, therefore, think positive, and never allow the thought of fear or failure to dampen their level of motivation.

#8: Take a Break Sometimes

If you are habituated to study for long hours, you should give yourself the much-needed break. During the break, do not think or talk about studies. You can pursue your hobby or simply relax and chat with your family or friends. How about going out for a movie or playing a game? It can rejuvenate your mind, which can improve your concentration remarkably.

#9: Stay Away from Negative People

Anything that gives you even a hint of negativity should be avoided. You may even come across a lot of negative people in your family and friends circle. They only add to your tension. So, stay away from them when your exam date is approaching.

#10: Treat Yourself for Small Achievements

Every day is a new milestone for a student preparing for NEET 2017 and MHT CET 2017. Whenever you feel happy with your mock test result, or you have been able to solve a problem that was troubling you, feel free to reward yourself. Gift yourself an extra hour of break from your study or buy your favorite chocolate. Self-motivation is the best thing to boost yourself before exam.

Follow all these tips and do well!

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