5 MHT CET Myths that Divert Aspirants from the Track

MHT CET is a difficult entrance examination surrounded by many myths. This is also one of the many reasons why students feel the pressure of scoring good marks. Experts at StudMonk unveil the truth behind the common myths surrounding MHT CET examination. We encourage potential aspirants to look forward to this examination and know the facts before making any decision.

Myth#1: Only Expensive Coaching Classes Can Help You Prepare for MHT CET

An illogical explanation! It is not necessary to attend coaching classes to prepare for or pass MHT CET. In fact, students who study on their own, are aware of the syllabus, and follow guidelines, can also score good rank.

Myth#2: Study Need to Study More than 18 Hours for MHT CET

This is an absurd notion. It is literally impossible for a student to study for 18 hours a day. It is neither practically viable nor technically possible. Moreover, it can only deter a student’s health and overall performance in the long run.

If you want to pursue your dream to make it big in MHT CET, depend on your instincts and study as per syllabus. That’s all you need!

Myth#3: Cracking MHT CET is God’s Gift

No! It’s neither God’s gift, nor rocket science. It is a common tendency to typecast average students thinking that they can never acquire a rank in MHT CET. It’s just a stereotype myth that should be broken.

Top 5 MHT CET Myths

Top 5 MHT CET Myths

Any student, even the one who was probably not the class topper in school, can also make it to MHT CET. It requires hard work, patience and perseverance only.

Myth#4: MHT CET Faces Tough Competition Which Affects Result

While this statement may be true, it is not absolute! There are many competitive tests serving as a gateway to institutes across the country. Students aspiring for MHT CET might have to work harder to prove themselves. Nonetheless, the rank and score of MHT CET are also considered valuable in several engineering institutes across the country.

Myth#5: Refer to Multiple Books to Increase Chances of Clearing MHT CET at Once

Can you prepare for Mathematics or Physics with 12 books each? Well, it is the most impractical thought ever as no student can complete those books ever. It only increases confusion amongst students and makes them worried. Rather than immersing yourself in a pool of hundreds of books, concentrate on the basics to make your foundation stronger. Practice the concepts, work on the formulas, and get solutions.

There’s nothing as distressing as living in a bubble of myth when you are preparing for a state or national level competitive test. Instead of listening to people, believe in your mettle and hard work. In the end, it is good preparation that matters, and nothing else!

All the best!

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