5 Problems Faced by Students in Preparing for Competitive Exams

Competitive exams are all about the level of competition faced. Students compete against each other to score higher ranks and secure a position in some of the top-ranking institutes. However, this competitive spirit may not have a positive effect on everyone. Whether it is JEE or NEET, or the higher secondary board examination, Indian teachers handle these tests aggressively. As a result, students start preparing for these examinations well in advance so that they can crack them in the very first attempt. However, in the race of securing a good position, they often lose the zeal and enthusiasm of being teenagers.

Difficulties are a part and parcel of competitive exams. While there’s a vast syllabus to complete, some students also struggle with proper time management. Nonetheless, do not allow your problems to take a toll on mental or physical health.

Problems Faced by Students While Preparing for Competitive Exams

For students and parents, listed below are 5 common problems that students face while preparing for competitive exams.

#1: Improper Scheduling

Success is hard to achieve. It takes a lot of time, patience, perseverance, discipline and proper scheduling, to succeed. A schedule followed with discipline with focus on what you should study, when and how, can make a difference. Follow a dedicated timetable for studying. You need to have the required clarity on which subjects you should cover first.

#2: Distractions

Distractions are one of the major reasons for students’ failure in competitive exams. Instead of concentrating on the goals, students are generally inspired by others’ success stories. They tend to spend time reading success stories of others instead of their preparations. Moreover, there are more sources of distractions today like mobile phones, social media and other devices. If you can give up these things for a specific duration, till the exam time approaches, your performance is sure to improve during your preparation period.

Problems faced by aspirants during competitive exams

Problems faced by aspirants during competitive exams

#3: Pressure from different sources

Students face a lot of pressure. Pressure comes from family to choose a particular course against the wish of the student. It can be deterrent for the future of the child. Moreover, peer pressure exists. It is best to allow students to pursue their dream and the subject of their choice. Focusing on the core areas of interest can help them perform better.

#4: Procrastination

A very common problem amongst today’s youth is procrastination. While preparing for competitive exams, a vast majority of students prefer delaying the chapter or subject that is difficult to comprehend. Rather than completing that chapter first, they decide to leave it for the last. Practice difficult chapters and keep an eye on minute details to solve problems as early as possible.

#5: Lack of Direction

Direction and guidance are very important before, during, and after any competitive exam. You have to plan how to study, what course you want to pursue, and which college you can apply for. However, these questions and thoughts often take away concentration. The only way to overcome this kind of unwanted tension is to seek help from some experienced mentor or guide. Only a highly qualified mentor can give you proper guidance to emerge successful.

There’s nothing impossible, if you want to achieve it!

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