Crack MHT CET 2017: Tips to Score High

Are you a student who wishes to Crack MHT CET 2017 with a high score? If yes, then you surely know the value of well-planned study schedule to get desired marks in the final exam. In this post, StudMonk experts bring to you some sure-fire tips to help you score better than your targets.

Plan Out Properly:

Planning is the key to success in MHT-CET exam. You need to sit down with the syllabus and the blueprint of the weightage of each portion. From the day one, you should have proper planning to complete your syllabus on time. Spare more time for those topics that have higher weightage. This can help you get more marks with fewer efforts.

Know What To Study:

This is one of the major mistakes that the students preparing for MHT-CET make. You should know what is important, what to study and what not. Never give more time on topics that are too complicated and covers fewer marks.

Instead, you should focus on the topics that cover more marks in the MHT-CET exam. List down the topics that you feel confident about and the topics which need more focus separately. Knowing what to study will help you crack MHT CET 2017.

Make Notes:

Making notes of all important points helps you remember what you read. Moreover, this can help you at the time of revisions. You do not need to spend hours and hours to read the whole book again, instead you can just skim through your notes to revise all the topics.

Separate notes of formulas, reactions, numerical constants, etc. can help you remember them sharply and have a record of what’s done and what’s pending. If you forget any of these things during the exam, you may face a heavy loss. So, experts always recommend maintaining proper notes.

Understand What You Read to Crack MHT CET 2017:

To score high in MHT-CET, it is important that you learn the derivations and the logic behind each numerical. Mugging up the formulas or numerical may not help in MHT-CET exam.

Never study just to fit data in your mind. When you read a topic, try to understand every concept in depth. This can help you recall every single aspect during your examination. Moreover, attempting twisted questions becomes easy.

Exam Format of MHT-CET

You need to be aware of the MHT CET 2017 exam pattern. Go through previous years’ papers to understand better. Prepare yourself accordingly and practise similar questions. To know where you stand, attempting test series is recommended. The tests are available online and offline as well.

To score high in MHT-CET exam, planned approach and cool mind are key to impressive performance. Do not rush or blindly follow what others do because you can be your best judge. At last, stay focused and study well and remember that along with the hard work what is important to succeed in MHT-CET is the smart work.

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