Step By Step Study Schedule for NEET Preparation

NEET preparation requires both, an organised effort and speed. The reason is obvious; only 4 months are left. This needs a rightly designed time-bound schedule.

StudMonk experts provide a customized step by step study schedule for NEET Preparation in 4 months which is sure to deliver good performance, if followed thoroughly.

STEP 1: Get An Updated Syllabus Copy

The syllabus notification releases every year. It is very important to get a copy of NEET 2017 syllabus. Read this syllabus carefully before scheduling and starting the NEET preparation.

STEP 2: Categorise Each Topic into Groups

The topics for NEET preparation must be categorized based on your knowledge. Divide the topics of each subject into three groups.

  • The first group must contain the topics that you consider easy and interesting. These topics can be finished faster and would take less time.
  • The second group must contain tough topics that you are already aware of and need some more reading and effort to analyse and understand.
  • The third group can have topics that you find tough. Keep a tab that the topics in the third category are not too many. These chapters would demand more time from your schedule.

For example, if you consider laws of motion easy, allot the first group to it. If you have already studied gravitation but need some time to understand it better, allot it the second group. If electromagnetic induction is tough, but not studied yet, place it in the third group.

In this manner, you would have a clear idea of which chapter demands how much time.

STEP 3: Allocating Number of Days for Each Subject

The distribution can be according to your preference.

Consider only the first three months and allot an equal number of days to each subject. Read one subject a day. Take another subject the next day. With this, you can get sufficient time for reading each subject in-depth and focusing on every topic.

If you think that you might get bored or might lose interest preparing for one subject each day, you can take up 2 subjects per day and divide the day into two halves with 1 difficult subject and 1 easy subject, so that you can make the most of the available time.

NEET Preparation Steps

NEET Preparation Steps

If you choose to study just 1 subject per day, pick some portion from Group 1 or 2 and pick another portion from Group 3.

Continue the same process for the first three months. While studying, make sure you create small notes that you can refer while revisions. Also create a separate formula sheet or download a NEET formula sheet online.

STEP 4: Scheduling Each Day

To score high in this limited time, concentrate more on the first and second groups as you can convert them to your strength areas which can be used to score better. For your weaker areas i.e. the tough portion, you can focus on basics.

Every day, break your subject-wise NEET preparation into 2 parts. The first part is for studying and the other part is for practice. Study the chapter well and then make sure you devote some time to attempt practice questions as they appear in NEET and evaluate your grip on the topic. This would boost your confidence, if your preparation is good and let you know which part needs to be revised, if you fall short of good performance during practice tests.

STEP 5: Dealing With Tough Topics

During weekends, allow more hours per topic in the third group. Try to finish them by having a basic understanding of the topic rather than mugging up, so that you can attempt twisted questions from the same

STEP 6: Final Revision

The last month has to be spent very wisely. You can devote some hours daily to reading chapter-wise notes taken while preparing. All the topics that you have prepared these 3 months have to be completely revised in the last 15 days. Don’t even think of touching new topics in the last 2 weeks.

In the first 15 days of the last month, refer previous year question papers to get used to the pattern and practice as many as possible. Ensure you get your doubts cleared and work upon solutions.

Learn tactics and smart tips of scoring and plan a strategy by taking trial tests and analyzing them. Referring to StudMonk blog is the best way to do so.

The above steps are to be followed methodically to reap maximum benefit. Following these steps would result in thorough NEET preparation. All the best!

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