10 Tips to Cope Up with Entrance Exam Failure

As C. S Lewis said, “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement” – students who have failed in an entrance exam should never lose hope. Rather, they should accept failure as a challenge and prepare for the year ahead. You might think that it is easier said than done. But we’ll help you out!

Especially when it comes to entrance exams like MHT CET and NEET, the fear of failure often makes way for students all by itself. In fact, fear is so intense that it may even render students helpless, thus adversely affecting their performance.

Listed below are some great tips to help students to cope up with the entrance exam failure.

Tip#1: Accept Your Failure

The greatest challenge for any student is to accept failure. It is the first and the most difficult step. However, if you can be optimistic and see opportunities in failure, the world would change for you. NEET and MHT CET are competitive tests conducted annually. If you are very serious about it, there’s always an opportunity to reappear for these exams, once you are well prepared (and possibly more experienced too). When you face a setback, there are different ways to look at it. In such cases, you can just thank God that you have an opportunity to correct your mistake(s) and try harder.

Tip#2: Standard Assessment

When you are cool and have accepted what happened, it is time to assess your own standards. Do not underestimate yourself; at the same time, don’t overestimate your skills either. It is really important to be aware of your capabilities and work on them.

Tip#3: Give Yourself Some Time to Relax

Instead of getting back to the grind, take a short break. Maybe you would like to spend some time with family or friends. A vacation can be really refreshing and exactly what you need to reboot your spirits.

How to overcome entrance exam failure

How to overcome entrance exam failure

Tip#4: Socialize

When was the last time you attended a party? Well, exam pressure often makes it difficult to socialize with friends and loved ones. In fact, many students tend to avoid socializing completely a few weeks before their exam. Seclusion usually has a negative effect. So, it would be better to accept what has happened and hang out with your friends.

Tip#5: Know your Options

After a failure, it is very important to assess your options and know what exactly the best way ahead is. It would help you to determine the next course of your action – whether or not you would want to retake the test, or you would like to change your field? If it is worth trying, you can work on it thereafter.

Tip#6: Seek Help

Once you are refreshed and ready to start, you should take the first step to reappear for MHT CET or NEET. For that, you can talk to a senior who has passed the test. Seniors are experienced because they have seen both success and failure in life. They can become excellent mentors. Go ahead and seek help!

Tip#7:  Make Changes to your Daily Routine

When you are prepared to start afresh, it is very important to make some changes to your daily routine. Both your heart and mind would like to forget everything that led to your failure and it usually begins with the routine you’ve followed in the last year (last attempt), while you were preparing.

Instead of the mundane routine, start walking in the morning, join the local gym, take up your hobby, and finally allow your mind to make peace and start preparing from the scratch. If you actually see, there’s no dearth of healthy choices.

Tip#8: Avoid Addiction

Failures often lead to depression, which further makes teenagers and young adults addictive. In order to get rid of their emotional pain, students start consuming alcohol and end up taking drugs. If you end up doing this, probably you wouldn’t ever be able to achieve your goal of NEET. Yes, you must socialize, meet friends, and party, but don’t get carried away. Substance abuse is the worst thing to do to yourself.

Tip#9: Get Sleep

You need to sleep and let your mind rest. Take a break and be with yourself. If you are depressed, your sleep may be affected and it would make you irritable. So, get your 8 hours of siesta mandatorily.

Tip#10: Start Preparing

After a few months pass by and you are clear about what you want, it’s time to start preparing. If you are ready to reappear for the entrance exam, do it. But, you cannot depend on previous year’s preparation. So, make sure you prepare well and in advance.

Hopefully, you can conquer your fears and failure with these tips. StudMonk experts are there to guide you throughout your process. We would like you to share your fear of failure and let you know how to beat it in the best possible way.

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