What If I Don’t Score Well In MHT CET? How to Overcome This Fear?

If you’ve taken MHT CET, it is quite normal to feel stressed about the result. Although you cannot change the outcome, some amount of stress is obvious. However, it is suggested that students should not take so much stress; rather, they should try to relax and spend some quality time with family and friends. Instead of over-analyzing the performance or comparing answers with others, it is best to wait for the outcome.

However, it doesn’t happen that way. So, we have some really helpful tips for students who have appeared for MHT CET and are waiting for scores. Read on to know more.

Tip#1: Calm Your Body and Mind

As your mind must be really stressing over the thought of your result, it would be difficult to rest. In such a situation, you have to calm down and try to relax. The first step is to spend some time with yourself – don’t talk to your classmates immediately after the test. Take some time, breathe deeply, and try not to think over and over again.

Tip#2: Don’t Compare Answers

It is a very common practice to compare answers with friends immediately after finishing the test. Note that your friends could be wrong. So, there’s no point in comparison. It would only add on to your stress. Instead, you should be confident about the answers you’ve given and simply try to relax.

Tips to defeat mht cet exam fear

Tips to defeat mht cet exam fear

Tip#3: Don’t Ruminate Your Performance

The act of ruminating performance and bringing all negative things into the mind can be detrimental. Rumination leads to anxiety and depression. However, if it is still happening to you despite all your efforts, try to identify the cause of negativity or fear in your mind. Ponder failure and see how you react to it. Finally, try to let go what you can’t control.

Tip#4: Reward Yourself

Think about the amount of effort you’ve given for MHT CET preparation. Don’t you think your efforts deserve to be rewarded? It does! After your test, do things that you really enjoy. It would help you to release the pressure from your mind and forget the fear of failure. Treat yourself, go watch a movie, go on a vacation – anything that you like.

Tip#5: De-Stress the Body and Mind

The body and mind are intricately connected. With all the physical pressure and mental burden of MHT CET, it is obvious that you feel bogged down. A little bit of exercise can be really helpful in de-stressing the body and mind. Take a job or brisk walk. If you like swimming, go for it. Not only is it going to benefit physically, but it can also release your stress.

In addition, you can also get a massage to release blood pressure and soothe your sore neck and back. Finally, it is important to eat a healthy and nutritious diet loaded with fruits, veggies, proteins and fibre. It would help you recover from the post exam stress.

Before you receive your MHT CET result, make sure you are confident and take deep breaths. If you succeed as you wanted, you should rejoice. If you feel it could have been better, then you can always improve. Your test results cannot determine or define who or what you are. They are mere markers of the performance of one day in life, which can be improved.

All the best!

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