Things that Usually Haunt Candidate’s Mind Just Before the Entrance Exams

Entrance exam preparation brings in a lot of fear and apprehensions. Students preparing for MHT CET, JEE or NEET have to deal with a lot of stress factors, which often go unnoticed. However, for parents and mentors, it is very important to understand those fears and hidden tension and address the same. After all, it involves a lot of hard work and motivation to appear for an entrance test with the hope to secure a position.

No matter how well prepared a student is, there are some fears that usually haunt the minds of students right before the entrance exam. While some students and their families believe in conducting rituals to nullify the effects of bad omen, others tend to stress too much over fear and anxiety.

Noted below are a few things that really disturb candidates appearing for entrance tests:

  • Fear of Missing the Test:

    Anything that leads to a disturbed state of mind is either fear or anxiety. The fear to miss the test is very common in students. Well, they even build up reasons that could possibly prevent them from appearing for an entrance test for which they have prepared well such as – having a fever, meeting with an accident, being stuck in traffic etc. There are no legit reasons or rationale for such fears, but it happens commonly in students. The only way to get rid of such fears is to stay motivated, concentrate on entrance exam preparation, and be confident.

    Fears students have before entrance exams

    Fears students have before entrance exams

  • Fear of Failing to Complete the Paper:

    Another biggest fear amongst students is their inability to complete the paper. This is true in the case of students appearing for NEET, which is a time-bound exam. In NEET, students have to finish a total of 180 questions in 180 minutes. However, there’s nothing to fret. If students practice properly and take mock tests frequently, they can complete the paper in due time.

  • Fear of Missing Admit Card:

    Although it rarely happens, students often fear that they might miss their admit card before entering the exam hall. Without the admit card or hall ticket, no student would be permitted to enter the exam hall. So, it is very important to organise the exam bag in advance with all the necessary items like admit card, pens, pencils etc.

  • Fear of Failure

    : It is very difficult to curb negative thoughts from playing on the mind of students during their entrance exam preparation. The fear of failure, especially in students who are less confident about their preparation or less motivated, prevails. The only way to cope up with this type of fear is to make sure you study hard and prepare the entire syllabus thoroughly.

It would be best if students do not allow any negative thoughts to come to mind. However, with exam pressure and stress, some amount of fear and negativity is very common. Experts suggest that students should have a proper study schedule and strategy, follow timing, practice mock tests, and be alert and active.

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