How Can StudMonk Help Get My Dream Score In NEET 2017?

Every student passing his or her school aspires for a career in a professional field. So at the inception, the students need to crack the entrance exam in the respective fields they choose to enter. One such competitive exam for Medical aspirants is NEET. StudMonk app helps you get one step further in your preparations for NEET 2017.

Let us share with you the best ways you can leverage the app to score better in NEET 2017.

Customized Test Series for NEET 2017

No matter how hard you prepare for your exams, your preparation will be incomplete until you go for some tests so as to assess your current level of knowledge. StudMonk conducts such test series. Online and offline both options are available. Students can also customize the test series by choosing a particular subject or a particular chapter. They also have the option to choose the difficulty level. Going for test series before appearing for NEET 2017 will improve your performance, thereby boosting up the confidence level at the same time.

Performance Appraiser

StudMonk provides you with comprehensive and detailed solutions of the test series for NEET. You can appraise your performance by checking out the solutions on hand and this shall also help you comprehend your weaker areas. StudMonk also provides you with the option of bookmarking. You can simply bookmark the important topic or the weaker area which you need to restudy or refer in future before appearing for NEET 2017.

Mock Test for NEET

Mock Test for NEET

Study Progress Monitoring

Evaluation is the most vital part of your preparation. A truthful account of your growth report will keep you abreast of your true position before the exams. Revise all concepts, take mock sample exams; StudMonk can help you test your preparation level. We conduct tests for PCB and PCM. Monitor your time, with the timer running in the app for each test. You can even go on with the test when its timeout. This can help you monitor and manage your time effectively thereby improvising your speed and aptitude in the upcoming exam of NEET 2017.

Exam Oriented Approach

StudMonk conducts the test series based on the past year’s question papers of NEET. We have a great team consisting of experienced teachers who while preparing these test series keep in mind the difficulty level the students have faced in the past years. The teachers have mastered in their respective fields having expertise and experience of many years. So taking the test series as a base you can prioritize the vital topics and move ahead with the preparation for NEET 2017.

Precise Response to User Query

StudMonk provides you with all the relevant information about NEET. It keeps you up-to-date of the latest information and updates about NEET. It also keeps you acquainted with vital information by providing you with immediate response to the query or question raised.

A good study strategy, honest evaluation and above all a strong determination can truly help you get your dream score. All the Best!

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