What if I Miss the NEET Paper? How to Overcome this Thought?

NEET 2017 exam date has been declared – the test will be held on 7th May 2017.

The last date of submitting application forms without late fee is 1st March 2017. Admit cards would be released on 15th April 2017.

Students preparing for NEET 2017 are now aware of the dates and they can start preparing harder and better for the upcoming test. In fact, most students have started counting the days as NEET 2017 dates are out! It’s time to pour over textbooks, guides and notes; study day and night; sit back at your desks and memories everything. Well, it’s all a part of the preparation phase. However, in this phase, the fear of the test and the fear of missing the test come along-side.

Competitive tests are a great challenge for students. In the quest to fulfill their dream of achieving a rank in the test, students often, unknowingly, end up being stressed and confused. As a result, they develop immense fear. StudMonk experts strongly recommend that students preparing for NEET 2017 should focus on preparations leaving no scope of fear.

Tips to overcome the fear of missing NEET paper

Tips to overcome the fear of missing NEET paper

If you are worried about missing the test on the date of NEET 2017, you should get hold of yourself. There’s still time and you can certainly make it. Noted below are a few tips to cope with fear:

Tip#1: Practice Time Management

If you have a fear that you could miss the test due to time management issues like reaching the exam hall late, you can start practising time management. NEET is all about how well you can manage your time. The syllabus of NEET is that of NCERT, which makes it easier to follow. So, there’s ample time and scope to prepare for your annual exam as well as NEET without fail.

Also, students should take NEET mock tests to see how well they fare with respect to time. Because competitive tests are time bound, it is very important to maintain time.

Tip#2: Meditate

For students, it is very important to ensure that their minds are not stressed prior to the exam. It is because of stress that all kinds of fears set in. Meditation can be an excellent way to release your worries and anxious thoughts, and bring out the best.

To overcome the fear of missing the test, give yourself some time to practice meditation and let your fears subside.

Tip#3: Speak to a Friend

If you have close friends appearing for NEET 2017, share your thoughts and apprehensions with them. Sometimes, the discussion can lead to mutual understanding and results. It would be wise to disclose your deep-seated fears to your friends and see if they share similar feelings. Together, you may be able to find a way out.

Tip#4: Stay Healthy and Focused

If you fear that you might just miss the paper due to ill health or fever, take preventive measures right from the start. Eat healthily, stay fit, practice deep breathing, and study hard.

It is really necessary for students to analyse and understand the source of their fears for NEET 2017. Anything that is causing the fear can be conquered once you are aware of it.

All the best!

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