How to Take Breaks Between NEET Revision/Practise?

While preparing for NEET, it is very important to manage time. Too much studying often leads to mental fatigue, while less study can lead to poor preparation. Keeping a balance between the two is very important to have a healthy state of mind. This makes ‘breaks’ an essential part of your study schedule. Short timely breaks definitely improve effectiveness.

StudMonk experts suggest a few important NEET preparation tips that will keep you stay calm, relaxed and fresh during studies.

How to take breaks between NEET Revision

Relax: During studies, take small (say 15 minutes maximum) breaks after every two hours. Invest the break time in leisure activities or with your friends and family members. Go for a walk with them in the fresh air. This will not only relax your body, but also fill you with positive energy and help you in starting your studies afresh.

Listen to Music: Music can take you in a new world altogether. It gives a good break from the monotonous routine. Music helps in calming your nerves and anxiety, which is common during studies. Play the music of your choice and ensure that it is helping you more rather than distracting from studies.

Take Naps: Taking naps at periodic intervals can always keep you fresh. Power naps for say 15-20 minutes can keep you remain energised and enhance the retaining power of your brain during studies. Many scientific studies reveal that small naps help in relaxing and calming down your nerves which is very important for NEET preparation.

Tips to study break between NEET revision & practise period

Tips to study break between NEET revision & practise period

Reward Yourself: Set a reward for yourself, if you are able to complete the time-based study targets. Like say, if you plan an hour of study, dedicate that slot of 60 minutes towards your studies. Make sure that for those 45 minutes, your focus in entirely on studies and nowhere else. If you are able to achieve that, spend 10 minutes the way your desire like watching TV, playing video games, mobile surfing, watching some comedy video, keeping a tab on cricket scores etc.

Surf the Internet: Surfing internet is something which most of the students like doing these days. After studying for a good amount of time, you can surf the internet where you can check out your Facebook, whatsapp, twitter or any other stuff that you like. Since you are doing something which you like, it will fill enough energy in you and will charge you for the next session of studies.

Socialise: Meet your friends and other family members during the break. This will change the environment around you and make you happier. Seeing and meeting the people you like always helps in collecting yourself and keeps you motivated towards your goals.

Small Outings: A small outing to nearby places with near and dear ones is the best break you can take. An outing takes you away from the study world and refreshes your mind. You will be charged up to focus more on studies with fresh positive energy. Do not make outings a habit, this should be a one-off plan.

StudMonk is dedicated towards making your studies effective and efficient so that you prepare well for the NEET exams. The above NEET preparation tips will help you to engage in studies and revision in a better way. By implementing these small ideas in your study pattern you will not only enhance your study performance but it will also keep your soul happy. Remember, a healthy mind resides only in a healthy soul!

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