7 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues and Study Smart to Get Success

While studying in winters, you must have often experienced a different feeling – the strange kind of laziness, need for more sleep, lack of concentration, etc. There is nothing to worry about it as it happens with most of the people. We term this unusual erratic behavior as winter blues or winter depression.

It is important to come over winter blues so that your NEET and MHT CET preparation is always on track. StudMonk app helps you to overcome winter blues and suggest you some smart ways to tackle the winter blues:

  • Make a Sleeping Schedule: To overcome winter blues, it is important that you develop a proper sleeping schedule where you get a good 8 hours of sleep. Getting up in the morning with good sleep helps you to feel fresh and less lethargic for your studies. Avoid all electronic devices after getting into bed at night as they make it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Keep Your Study Room Bright: One of the main reasons for depression in winters is the lack of light in the room which makes the study room filled with negative energy. Always ensure that you have enough light sources in the room. Keep the windows and curtains open, let the sun rays soak you up. If your room lacks a window, put artificial lights which can brighten the room.
  • Exercise in the Morning: Go for an early morning walk and engage yourself in some exercise every day. It will help you in improving your health and mental functioning. Exercise helps you to overcome depression and always keep you energized for your studies.
  • Eating Habits: The urge of eating more and eating less healthy food is very common during the winter Eating habits also contribute to winter blues. Avoid eating food which is high in fats. Take a balanced diet which is rich in nutrients. The right diet can make you feel good and help you concentrate more on studies. Make salads and fruits a regular part of your eating pattern.
  • Avoid Caffeine: If coffee, tea or soda is a part of your daily routine, you should try to cut on it. Coffee contains caffeine which contributes towards fatigue and dehydration. It ultimately leads to depression and negative thought process. Try to keep coffee and tea to one or two cups a day. This will help in efficient preparation for your NEET and MHT CET examinations.
  • Listen to Music: Engage yourself in listening to music of your choice. Music helps in relieving the anxiety and calms your mood.
  • Group Study: Studying alone can sometimes get boring. Plan days for group studying with your friends where you can discuss the doubts and thoughts that run in your mind. This will refresh your mind and you will feel re-energized towards studies.

StudMonk aims to ease your study load and help you in creating such environment that will better your NEET and MHT CET preparation. The above tips may seem to be too simple but their application in your study life can help in achieving wonderful results.

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Bhavana Singh

Bhavana Singh

Lead Content Writer at StudMonk
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Bhavana Singh
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