Download JEE Main 2017 Question Paper, Answer Key and Paper Solutions

JEE Main 2017 Answer Key and Paper Solution displays the correct answer and right way to solve each question of JEE Main 2017 question paper. With the help of JEE Main 2017 Answer Key candidates can know whether they have marked the answers correctly. Other than this, JEE Main 2017 Analysis helps them know the right approach to attempt a particular question of PCM. Read more


7 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues and Study Smart to Get Success

While studying in winters, you must have often experienced a different feeling – the strange kind of laziness, need for more sleep, lack of concentration, etc. There is nothing to worry about it as it happens with most of the people. We term this unusual erratic behavior as winter blues or winter depression. Read more

MHT CET 2017 Application Available Now!

DTE Maharashtra has already released MHT CET 2017 Application form on February 14. Candidates can apply till March 23, 2017 for MHT CET. In order to fill the form, candidates need to fulfill MHT CET 2017 Eligibility Criteria.

In order to fill the application form, you need to have scanned images of their photograph and signature in the specified dimensions ready. In this article we list down the complete application procedure of MHT CET 2017. Read on to know more. Read more


How to Stay Positive amid Entrance Exam Preparation Stress?

As exams approach, anxiety and tensions also start creeping into the minds of students. Stress and fear make them increasingly jittery together with a load of an extensive syllabus to be covered. Entrance exam preparation stress can literally squeeze out the best of the energy of students. It is only natural to feel overburdened with stress prior to the significant examination. Read more


Things that Usually Haunt Candidate’s Mind Just Before the Entrance Exams

Entrance exam preparation brings in a lot of fear and apprehensions. Students preparing for MHT CET, JEE or NEET have to deal with a lot of stress factors, which often go unnoticed. However, for parents and mentors, it is very important to understand those fears and hidden tension and address the same. After all, it involves a lot of hard work and motivation to appear for an entrance test with the hope to secure a position. Read more

What If I Don’t Score Well In MHT CET? How to Overcome This Fear?

If you’ve taken MHT CET, it is quite normal to feel stressed about the result. Although you cannot change the outcome, some amount of stress is obvious. However, it is suggested that students should not take so much stress; rather, they should try to relax and spend some quality time with family and friends. Instead of over-analyzing the performance or comparing answers with others, it is best to wait for the outcome.

However, it doesn’t happen that way. So, we have some really helpful tips for students who have appeared for MHT CET and are waiting for scores. Read on to know more. Read more


10 Tips to Cope Up with Entrance Exam Failure

As C. S Lewis said, “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement” – students who have failed in an entrance exam should never lose hope. Rather, they should accept failure as a challenge and prepare for the year ahead. You might think that it is easier said than done. But we’ll help you out!

Especially when it comes to entrance exams like MHT CET and NEET, the fear of failure often makes way for students all by itself. In fact, fear is so intense that it may even render students helpless, thus adversely affecting their performance. Read more

Scared to face MHT CET paper? Don’t be!

Preparing for any competitive examination is easier said than done! Students have to make time to study everything, revise, prepare, and cope with their fears too. The fear factor, however, is something that one has to learn to deal with. There are no shortcuts, even when it comes to MHT CET.

MHT CET is indeed one of the toughest competitive tests. During MHT CET preparation and mock tests, students often lose focus when they don’t perform well and may develop unnecessary apprehensions and fears. Of course, a little bit of skepticism is fine, but it shouldn’t become a habit! Do not let fear be a deterrent to your performance. Read more

Crack MHT CET 2017: Tips to Score High

Are you a student who wishes to Crack MHT CET 2017 with a high score? If yes, then you surely know the value of well-planned study schedule to get desired marks in the final exam. In this post, StudMonk experts bring to you some sure-fire tips to help you score better than your targets. Read more

How to Improve Your Final Results for MHT-CET?

Are you a student who wishes to improve results of MHT-CET? If yes, then you would agree that MHT-CET preparations need some smart work along with the hard work. In the post below, experts at StudMonk bring ways to improve the final results for MHT-CET. Read more