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The Never-Ending and Ever-Increasing NEET Controversies

The CBSE NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is one of the toughest national-level examinations in the country for seeking admissions in the top medical colleges. This exam where more than 11 lac aspirants appeared from the nation is caught amongst series of controversies taking bizarre turns.

Series of NEET Controversies

Below are the NEET Controversies that has attracted lot of media lights.

Language Bias

The NEET 2017 was held in 10 different languages namely English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati, Oriya, and Kannada. The test was conducted on May 7, 2017, and soon after the test, aspiring doctors from around the country raised demands for a re-test. The demand for a retest was filed in the event of various difficulty levels for different languages of the paper. This was mainly because uniformity was missing during the examination. A few people claimed that the examination was considerably tougher in Bengali than it was in Hindi or English.

The claim of ‘One Nation One Test’ that lies at the heart of the NEET examination was defied during the NEET 2017, according to various unhappy students. Several groups of students raised their voice in unison to protest against the discrimination on the basis of language.

The Series of NEET Controversies

The Series of NEET Controversies

Translation Errors

The language bias was not the only concern of the students. Many students from different states protested against major translation errors in the different languages of the paper. The highest uproar was seen at the Swastha Bhavan campus in Kolkata where hundreds of students protested against the bias eventually submitting a notice to the Directorate of Medical Education. As things got heated up and more voices were raised against the examination bias, few arrests were made in Bihar too.

Paper Leaking NEET Controversy

Several sources also confirmed that the NEET 2017 paper was leaked before the examination. The papers were reportedly leaked in Rajasthan as well as Bihar. Although the state police for both these states claim to have apprehended a few criminals in this conspiracy, several culprits remain at large.

Mass Uproar for Re-test Demands

The students from around the nation are responsible for starting campaigns over social media websites demanding a re-test for the NEET examination. Since it is difficult, or rather nearly impossible, to catch all the culprits involved in the paper leak scam, the students are pleading the Directorate of Medical Examination to conduct a retest. In recent news headlines, students in Lucknow and other parts of UP have come together to demand a re-test for the examination allowing the aspiring doctors a fresh chance at securing a seat in a good medical college.

Apart from the major controversies there are many more incidents of students being arrested for attempting to leak NEET papers, role of exam superintendent in paper leaking attempts, question papers of English being distributed to students appearing for Telugu paper, reports of wrong behaviour with female students during examination, students not allowed in the exam centre even for a delay of a few minutes etc.

Some of these might not be true as we never know how media behaves in the light of truth! At Sify, we’ll keep you updated with what more is happening with NEET controversies.

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