5 Highest Paid Engineering Degrees in India

Gone are the days when engineering jobs could only provide you with the basic needs of life. Many engineers now rule the top corporate houses and take all the major decisions that shape our future world. On an average, engineers have a tendency to earn much more than the average national salary. In fact, engineers […]

Top 7 Medical Colleges in India that Accept NEET Score

National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the most difficult competitive entrance examinations in India. It is considered to be the most practical competitive tests that allow students to secure a position in any of the leading medical colleges in India. In India, there are several top-ranking medical colleges that accept the scores of NEET […]

Tips to Select an Engineering College in Maharashtra

How to choose the right engineering college in Maharashtra is a dilemma that every engineering student faces. Considering that engineering is highly in demand and there are innumerable colleges all over the state, it is tough to choose the best one. You need not panic! The historically acclaimed golden career option can still be pursued […]

How to Select a Medical College in India for Admission?

Medical education exposes you to full-fledged four and a half years course with a year of internship. 5+ years of medical study have a lot to offer. However, before you choose, be mentally prepared for the challenges ahead. When it comes to the choice of a medical college in India, you have to be very […]

Top BDS Colleges in India and their Fee Structure

With NEET results out, dental aspirants must be busy looking for the best BDS colleges and their fee structure. We bring you complete information on the fee structure of top BDS colleges in India. Know the top colleges, location (city/state) and average fee one need to pay per year for this course.

Fee Structure of Top Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra 2016

Studying in one of the top engineering colleges in India may cost you more than your family’s income. However, it is a onetime investment, and truly worth spending your money on. Similarly, if you plan to study in one of the reputed engineering colleges of Maharashtra you need to put in a good amount of […]


Nanotechnology Engineering- Career Scope, Colleges, Recruiters and Pay Scale

Nanotechnology Engineering is the branch of technology that uses engineering principles dealing with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometres, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. It can be used in multiple fields like Molecular Engineering, Materials Science, Instrumentation Engineering and Electronics Engineering. If you wish to pursue a career in Nanotechnology Engineering, […]


What is the Fee Structure of Government and Private Medical Colleges in India?

Most students choose their career path in their lower classes only. In India the most appealing profession that one can think of is of a doctor and engineer. Nearly every parent in India wants their child to be either a doctor or an engineer. To fulfill this desire, they start saving for their child’s future right […]


Structural Engineering- Career Scope, Colleges, Recruiters and Pay Scale

Structural Engineering is the use of engineering principles to the formation of the structure of a building or other item. It is a branch of civil engineering and its knowledge is required in various fields like architecture, medical equipments and aeronautics. The mainstream fields included bridges, dams, earthworks, foundations, offshore structures, pipelines, power stations, railways, retaining structures […]


Geotechnical Engineering: Career Scope, Colleges, Recruiters and Pay Scale

Geotechnics or Geotechnical Engineering is defined as the branch of civil engineering concerned with the study and modification of soil and rocks by Oxford Dictionary. The knowledge of this engineering specialization is needed in various fields like construction, military, mining and petroleum among others. It is the best academic choice for lovers of earth and engineering. If you wish to pursue […]