5 Highest Paid Engineering Degrees in India

Gone are the days when engineering jobs could only provide you with the basic needs of life. Many engineers now rule the top corporate houses and take all the major decisions that shape our future world. On an average, engineers have a tendency to earn much more than the average national salary. In fact, engineers […]


What is the Fee Structure of Government and Private Medical Colleges in India?

Most students choose their career path in their lower classes only. In India the most appealing profession that one can think of is of a doctor and engineer. Nearly every parent in India wants their child to be either a doctor or an engineer. To fulfill this desire, they start saving for their child’s future right […]


Excelled in STD 10, What Next?

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) results were announced yesterday, 6th June 2016, at 1 pm. The total passing percent in the state of Maharashtra was noted as 89.56%. However, this year too, the girls of Maharashtra upstaged the boys by a passing percent of 91.49%, with the boys standing at a close 87.98%. Now that this significant […]


Career Opportunities after 12th Science

As soon as students pass their Class 12th Science, the biggest question that comes to their minds is what career to pick. Not just students, even their parents are concerned for their child’s future. While there are so many career choices available after passing Class 12th Science, this future complicates the process. Understanding this, Monksays […]


What next after Class 12th Result?

After Class 12th result students seek help in deciding their career path. Some choose speaking to their family and relatives, while the remaining relies on the internet to get expert assistance. Deciding what to do after 12th result seems to be a tough task. It requires timely guidance and proper planning. Before making a choice one should […]