5 MHT CET Myths that Divert Aspirants from the Track

MHT CET is a difficult entrance examination surrounded by many myths. This is also one of the many reasons why students feel the pressure of scoring good marks. Experts at StudMonk unveil the truth behind the common myths surrounding MHT CET examination. We encourage potential aspirants to look forward to this examination and know the […]


Released! StudMonk Full Test Series for NEET and MHT CET

Do you struggle with the fastest way to revise?  Do you lose marks due to silly mistakes? We are here to help you. We bring you the fastest way to practise for NEET & MHT CET – StudMonk Test Series. 

Top Coaching Institutes for MHT CET Preparation

Maharashtra Technology Common Entrance Test (MHT-CET) is a yearly held state level entrance examination for admission of students in Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra. Since JEE Main entrance examination was replaced by the MHT CET, all such admissions would be done through the MHT-CET scores only from 2017 onwards. While there are several coaching institutions located […]


5 Effective Tips to Memorize Physics Formulas!

Why do most of the students find Physics so difficult? This is because they consist of a lot of formulae to be learnt. And the time you reach to Class 9, all these formulas of Physics don’t find to be more simple as it seems in any case, and this becomes much more difficulty in […]


Tips and Tricks to Study Better and Faster During Competitive Exams

Studying can be stressful at times, especially when you are preparing for a competitive exams. For instance, students preparing for MHT CET 2017 or NEET 2017 often have to undergo a lot of stress due to the pressure of a huge syllabus. However, all you need to excel is a clear conceptual base and honing […]

How to Crack MHT CET 2017 in First Attempt?

The first step towards success in MHT CET in first attempt is to have unparalleled faith on one’s own self. To crack MHT CET 2017 and live their dream, aspirants should be confident enough to give their best to the test that can make or break their career path. Every MHT CET aspirant should note […]

MHT CET Preparation – Tips to Memorize Formulas

Competitive tests are difficult and of course involve understanding too many concepts with formulas involved in many chapters, thus creating confusion among students. Are you preparing for MHT CET 2017? If yes, it is obvious that you need to memorize a lot of formulas to crack this tough examination. Students generally think of hard work […]

Failed to Crack MHT CET? Know What Next After MHT CET Result?

Failure is often perceived as the greatest setback of student life. However, there’s a brighter side too! For students who have failed to crack MHT CET, there are better and newer opportunities in life. With several thousands of students trying to crack MHT CET, some students might fail. There’s nothing to be disheartened. As on […]


Diet Chart for NEET & MHT CET 2017

Students preparing for MHT CET & NEET 2017 often ignore their health while preparing for these tough competitive tests. However, they fail to realize that, it is their good health which can make them prepare well and excel.


StudMonk Mock Test for MHT CET and NEET Starts from October 3

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