Online Coaching or Offline Coaching – Which Is Best For MHT CET?

There is a plethora of options available for MHT CET 2017 preparation. Ranging from offline coaching, online coaching, and on-the-go mobile assessment apps, students are replete with choices. Now the question is which is the preferable entrance exam preparation option for MHT CET? Given below is a quick comparison between online coaching and offline coaching […]


How Test Series Helps in Improving Your Entrance Exam Performance?

Students have already started preparing for Entrance Exam like NEET/AIPMT or MHT CET exam 2017. Some might have even finished a substantial portion and are gearing up for periodic revisions. One of the most effective ways to revise the syllabus and also measure your performance level is to attempt test series on a regular basis.

Know the MHT CET Preparation Strategy for Drop Outs

Cracking the MHT CET is one of the greatest achievements for students aspiring to become engineers and doctors in the state of Maharashtra. However, students who drop out once often lose hope in the system. That’s exactly where students need to keep their hopes and aspirations alive. MHT CET preparation strategy should be perfect for […]

Can I Clear MHT CET without Joining Coaching Class?

Most of the aspirants come across this question. It’s natural! While a good number of students opt for coaching classes to clear MHT CET, there are also those who prefer studying on their own for different reasons. In this article we will list down the different advantages and disadvantages of joining coaching classes for MHT CET […]

How to Maintain a Balance between Board and MHT CET 2017 Preparation?

Are you confused whether to prepare for the upcoming 12th standard board exams or whether you should devote all your time and attention to solving numerous Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for your MHT CET 2017? Well, there is no choice really because you have to focus on both. You cannot take either of them lightly […]

How, When, And Where To Start Preparation for MHT CET?

The ideal time to start your preparation for MHT CET varies from student to student. But it’s a good idea to brush through the topics or take mock MCQ tests based on MHT CET pattern early on. As soon as you start your 11th standard, go through the study modules for MHT CET and check out […]


Do you have nightmares about forgetting everything right in the middle of the MHT CET examination? If yes, you are not alone! Many students face the issue of not being able to recall mathematical formulas, chemical equations, physics derivations and other important pieces of information they learnt thoroughly while studying. It is simple to understand […]

Know How to Make Revision Notes for MHT CET 2017

While cracking MHT CET or any entrance exam is tough, it is definitely not impossible. One can use the difficult areas in a smart way to their advantage for the desired output. How? For instance, if you are facing any problem with a particular chapter or topic of MHT CET, don’t leave it! Try to […]

Download MHT CET 2017 Study Planner by StudMonk

In 2016, nearly 4 lakh candidates appeared for MHT CET. Out of this huge number about 46,797 managed to be eligible for admission in engineering colleges of Maharashtra. Are you aware of the reason? No! Stress was not the only reason. Surprisingly, a lot of them failed due to lack of proper planning. All of […]

5 Things to Avoid Doing on MHT CET Exam Day

A lot of students appear for different competitive and entrance exams each year. Panic attacks, tension to score well and stress to get into the best institute are the factors that results in a student’s failure. While these are the common reasons, there are also some of the lesser known causes. In this article StudMonk […]