StudMonk MHT CET Android Application for MHT CET Preparation

Hello Boys and Girls, Or even better, Hello Future Doctors, Engineers and Pharmacists, Here is an application that is Made in Maharashtra, for Maharashtra, by America. It will help you fetch your dream score and strives to facilitate convenience. StudMonk MHT CET is a free android application, catering to the need of a personalized test […]

MHT CET 2016 Schedule Trouble

The Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test- MHT CET 2016 for the field of engineering, medical and pharmacy is facing serious flak from applicants and parents alike. This is due to a minor scheduling glitch by the State Common Entrance Test Cell.

Best books for MHT CET preparation

When preparing for competitive entrance examinations like MHT CET 2016, it is essential to study and refer the right books. A week prior to the exam, students must focus on solving question papers (MCQ) of the previous years and take mock tests. There are many books available in the market, but how do you know […]

Important MHT CET chapters

While studying for exams we always think: which are the most important chapters? Don’t we? After all, there is no harm in studying smart. It must be understood that for entrance exams like MHT CET 2016 it is essential to study as per the significance of each chapter in terms of marks.

Important Details about MHT CET

Whenever we enroll for a new course or competitive exam, there are several questions in mind. Extensive research is necessary and one must clear all doubts in time.  Below are the top five important questions or MHT CET  Queries that will come up while enrolling for the entrance examination.

MHT CET: Exam Day Dos and Don’ts

Finally, it is the day of the exam. You are all nerves and busy with the last minute prep. Take a minute and give it a second thought. You don’t have to be neurotic at all, as long as you have prepared well for MHT CET entrance exam and know the exam day dos and […]